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    Tactical Insertion aka Tac Insert aka TI

      I know a lot of players like to complain about these things and how they are used for boosting in certain game modes. But they do have postive use as well in those game modes by players that use the correctly. But for those that do abuse them I have and idea of a fix that would lessen the ability and usefulness to do so.


      I propose that TI's be given a mandatory 5 second respawn timer if they are used in game modes like KC or Infected or DZ. In game modes like FFA or TDM make it a mandatory 3 second respawn where the perosn cannot respawn but simply pressing A right away. The reason behind this is that it would prvent the TI KC booster from having the chance to auto respawn on their tag right away, it would give time for the one that killed them to grab the tag instead. A secondary affect of this change would make it dangerous for those that try to sit and camp a TI when the find one wating for the player to die and respawn so they can get a cheap kill. 5 seconds would allow enough time for another player to see them sitting there waiting and kill them. Plus it would slow down how often they could use those to respawn for boosting in general.


      3 seconds in TDM or FFA would at least allow them to get back in the action a little sooner than 5 seconds. But perhaps even in those game modes it should be 5 seconds as well. this would make players using TI's to have to think more about where there hide them and how they use them or when to use them.


      I think this sort of change would be semi effective at making them once again be used more as a tactical device and less as a boosting device. Plus maybe increase the time it takes to place them, where a player can not instantly place one. Make it take at least 3 seconds to pull out and place. So respawns using them would take at least 8 seconds compared to the shorter time they are now.


      Maybe this would discourage those who use them to boost just a little more while still giving those who want to use them the correct way a chance to do so with out having to removing them from a playlist completely.