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    Diff Clans

      y do people level up how do people get people to join your clan i mean i got a clan but im the only one y do peolpe not look 4 clan my clan name is (1direction)  but no one knows about my clan or want 2 join it becuz im the only one in the clan and ii have a low kd/death ratio so y .

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          Usually I just invite people for clan that i saw how they played in different matches/modes/maps, I liked the way they played, and I asked. Havent invited much people though. We are the same 30-40 guys for some months now!

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            It could be your clan name. 1direction is the name of 2 boy band groups,and this game is mostly guys,and don't want to be associated with that name. Another thing,are you a premium member? If you are not a premium member you won't be able to enlist in challenges and clan ops. Everyday there are at least 20 posts of people taht are looking for a clan. Altough lately it seems like a bunch of elitist douches that have been looking. Saying that it has to be a high level,it can't be lower than 1.5 k/d ratio,it has to be top 10...like really? Not all,but most are like that. If you are still having trouble getting people to join you,feel free to join my clan. We are a level 24 clan and we are always looking for cool and active players to join. No requirements needed. Look us up. Digital Bulletz

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                At this point it's hard having people join, most are in clans or are just cycling from one clan to another. Like Shadow mentioned, when playing ask people if they would like to join. Also you can post in the recruitment section in the forum. From what I have seen most want to join higher level ranking clans to get the emblems and the prestige of a clan without having to do much work. Personally, I stopped recruiting 3 months ago. ( If you haven't earned it, you don't deserve it )