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    new zombies map TranZit (black ops 2) info...wat do u think?

      from the leaked info about wat the achivements will be for black ops2...one of them was buy 2 perks before turning on the power. this clearly stats that you will be able to buy some perk...not all(cuz then theres no point in turning on the power) before turning on the power. also another one of the achivements was that

      you could need to build 4 weapon in one game.(like riot shield from zombies trailer). so zombies will have more than one iem to build. maybe thats wat the battery is for(from zombies dilivery 1). I think the battery might be a type of monkey. so, u place the battery some where and the light thats on it turns on and shines towards the sky and the zombies see it and *** to the battery and then it probley shocks them and kills them!!!!!


      wat do think about this map. any additional info? Wat are ur suggestions for wat the battery is for? tell me!