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    What have they done to punish rushers?

      I hate making more threads about camping, ghost, stealth....whatever.


      However, I honestly have to ask.


      What have they done to penalize the other playstyles such as rushing.


      They nerfed the biggest benefit to stealth players, they have put a lot of stealth perks into the same tiers and have take perks apart.


      So really what have they done to punish rushers or people who run and gun? Nothing, they seem to have penalized a playstyle without doing anything to the other playstyles.


      Now let me get this out in the open. I ain't a fan of camping. However I do like to slow down my pace of gaming and use stealth and sound to my advantage. So I really want to know. What have they done to people who rush and do other things like that? They seem to have said, "Okay, we'll make this game filled with rushers and no counter balance and everyone will have to be happy with it". The developers for once are dictating how me must play call of duty to do well in. Honestly the one thing I have always liked is being invisible and taking the game slowly at my own pace. Now I am forced to move about. Why? so people can gun me down or see where I am on radar.


      I feel like my playstyle is being destroyed while rushers are going to be happy. What have they done to keep the balance. The nerfing of ghost will only benefit rushers as now they'll use ghost as well. So ghost and lightwieght and marathon or whatever its called. That sounds like a paradise for rushers. Meanwhile to be efficiently stealthy I have to use about 8 of my points just on perks.


      Hmmmm sounds fair.


      I just don't see what they have done to maintain balance and fairness for both playstyles of both slow paced and fast paced. Campers can camp, do I give a ****, no? But a lot of people on these forums do.


      I make a recommendation for the next cod. Why don't we have a square, where everyone is given an M60 with big ammo in it and then you spawn and you just press R1. Wouldn't that be great. But wait!!!! Remember Squares have corners.....so instead we'll have a circle with no cover. Just a plain circle where you spawn and press R1. That'll fight camping completely.


      I dunno. I just feel this game is going to be too fast paced for my liking since they are not making it balanced for both rushers and campers/people who don't rush.


      Where is the fairness in what they have done? What have they done to penalize rushers?



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