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    Tactical Insertion ready, turn the key.

      Obvious MW2 quip, but that's what it pretty much feels like now.


      As everybody knows, positioning is verily a key aspect in CoD, especially in objective modes like Domination. Without it, you're only limiting yourself by a severe margin. You have to take every step against your opponent, since the stakes are so high. Thus, when MW2 came around, so did Tac Inserts. These weren't really seen much in my experience, but boy did that change when play shifted to BO1. While other equipment were useful at times, the TIs remained game-changers throughout.


      They're indisputable in that users can make their own pacing at will. No lack-luster ordinary spawns to get in the way, so you're always at your goal... typically the objective flags during a spawn trap session. Barely anything has changed in MW3. So, I made this thread to discuss the TIs' influence overall -- and why I feel this glow/deodorant stick hurts the meta-game.


      By harmful, I mean it just doesn't pave the way for diversity. There's always the same mind-set; rush here, place TI; stay near flag, place TI; bottleneck them, place TI. When both parties pursue this, it's a do-or-die scenario... other Tacticals just don't compare. To deviate is to punish yourself, unfortunately. Then what about weapons, you'd say? They're quite different; while there's clear cutters like the MP7, one can actually be liberal in their choices and still win with ease. Hell, Tac Inserts will only cement this even further.


      It's hard to explain; I have a strong bias and loathe for TIs in general... I'm forced to use one because it's so God damn good at what it does. Frankly, I feel naked without this thing, even for game-modes without an objective focus. It's enough of a bad habit to have these on every class as it is. Sure, it's obviously possible to change things up in round-based modes, but they're personally too slow for my pacing. I'm a Ground War/Drop Zone bro.


      So for sheer emphasis, here's a gnarly picture I made in Paint. :3




      Time of our lives, right? Hardly anyone would dare pass this up.


      But! When both sides wise up to Tac Inserts, it's only then supremacy is finally being contested.




      Totally some balls-out srs business... but you get the idea. xD


      While a big competitive environment is good for CoD, it is just dull, and is prone to painfully disjointed balancing. I'd rather do without TIs in BO2, and let Treyarch do things up with regular spawns, like in CoD4 and WaW. Maybe then we'd have to watch out for smoke and flashbangs, rather than the crazy C4 mortaring. I feel this would ultimately cater to skill overall, rather than constant abuse of the spawn system as a whole.


      Still, there is one saving grace here -- Treyarchs' new Pick 10 system for BO2. Not only does it revolutionize Create-a-Class, but one can have all the liberties in the world with Tacticals... so I look forward to having a Trophy System, or some smoke to go along with my TI as I must.


      Well then, that's about all I can put on the table for now. What say you?