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    MW3 PS3 is filled with hackers & prestige lobbies [Screenshot included]

      So now MW3 is hacked on the PS3 this past week I ran into 3 hacked lobbies on Domination where the host and his party were level 1 and by the end of the game they were level 80, and when I killed them I got like 60,000 points? WTF? I also noticed how I was like 200,000 something ranked in Domination and by the end of the game I was 88,000 something in Domination.. thats not cool. My 15th presitge is legit, and watching these hackers just prestige so fast is not fair. Is IW gonna patch this or what?


      I thought this game wasnt going to get hacked anytime soon, I mean its almost a year old and black ops isn't hacked yet or is it? Please fix this ASAP or ill just end up quiting this game and moving to B.O. 2 because I actually planned on staying on this game as it is my first COD.


      I would upload a screenshot but I cant find my USB drive.


      EDIT: Here is the screenshot:




      Look at the score... this is the first hacked lobby I ran into, don't have screenshots of the other two, but in the other two people were committing suicide and leveling up, before the game everyone in the other team were level 1, by the end they were level 80.

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