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    Private Matches Here. Join In - Legit Players!

      Alright, kids. Who's interested in a

      couple of private matches?  Send me a friend request at Elvis10000. Here are the rules I play by: Double Health (so you can actually put up a fight.) Health Regeneration is set to Slow, so it's better to use the cover and all that good stuff. Free for all. Would be really fun if four other players could join in. You don't need the headset, but I have one. Hell, we'll start a clan if there isn't anything better to do. I can't accept friend requests right now, as I play on my friends gamertag. Anybody interested? We can play tonight if not tomorrow afternoon. Please commit to the ultimate way of gaming, thanks to technological advances, complete strangers can connect, shoot, and stab the crap out of each other!!!1