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    Level 30+ player wanting to improve his skills

      Hi !


      I just bought COD:MWR some time ago I'm not a rookie though: I've been playing FPS for a looong time: Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, HL, CS, True Combat: Elite [...] and GoldenEye 007 recently on Wii !


      I'm currently a level 32 "Captain I"


      My stats are (at the moment):


      Wins: 0.79 streak 8

      Kill / Death ratio 0.85 streak 16

      Accuracy 11.85%


      If you meet me online, and think I'm worth something, feel free to add me to your buddy list !


      My FC is 4413 3227 5674.


      I'm looking for experienced players (Level 40 / 50+) to play with and improve my skills.


      My favorite mode is TDM.


      Bye, see you on the battlefield


      Magic Sam a.k.a -=[T0><!K]=-


      EDIT: updated my stats