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    Black Ops 2 Clan and MLG team recruiting

      Me and my friend are starting a Black Ops 2 clan on Xbox 360 called We Are MLG, and we are open to name suggestions..We are both freshman in High School and we are very experienced Call Of Duty players.We are very good at all game modes and we are always the top 2 on the scoreboard at the end of the match.We are looking for experienceed Call Of Duty players only, and we are creating a very tight based clan(less than 20 players). we will host try-outs the first weekend of Black Ops 2(nov.16-19).if you are interested leave a reply with some info on you and your gamertag




      must have a skype(its not that hard to make one)

      must have an xbox 360 mic

      must be good at callouts

      must be a good team player

      must speak english




      Me and my friend are also looking for 2 more VERY experienced players to compete in MLG tournaments and Gamebattles.There is a 4 v. 4 search and destroy tournament on black ops 2 the first weekend it is released and the 1st place team gets $2000 and we are really shooting for 1st.Search and destroy is both my friend and i's BEST game mode by far.at one point I was rank 14,000 in the world and i dont even play that much.my friend...lets just say that hes gotten a double moab with assault killstreaks on in mw3 and hes been in numerous clans,one of them being TRON(no longer a clan because they got hacked)...but if you are interested in being on our MLG team and competing in the black ops 2 tournament please leave a reply with your gamertag and some info on you and message me on skype at: BVNMonsta  and i will give you further details.


      Thank You