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    Are you pulling your hair out with 3 bar conn. and lagging

      If so this may help you. I am assuming you may have researched here and read the Elegaphant and followed those steps. If you have and are still having trouble and you are using DSL this could be the answer. What you do is contact your isp and have them turn the interleave off on you dsl connection and switch to fastpath. Absolutely Free. I did this and ever since I did I have gotten 4 bar connection. With 4 bars I can actually use a shotgun and get 1 hit kills or 1 burst from an M16. Before it was like shooting rubber bullets. It takes a few days for them to perform this service and they said if their equipment in my area goes out it will reset and I will have to have them remove it again.  So I guess they use interleave on dsl lines to keep your connection stable. This will not affect your service if your phone line is stable. But with interleave on you can add 32 to 40 milliseconds of ping time when you run a ping test. Believe me this will make a huge difference. I hope this helps you and if it does add your 2 cents to keep this post active as it will only make everyones gaming experiance better with more 4 bar players. I tried emailing Macabbi to have him add this to his Elegaphant post but he did not respond.