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    TeK Clan is looking for Snipers (PS3) [Multi-COD]

      Hey there guys. I have recently created a clan called TeK for Multi-COD sniping clan. We are going to be mainly a sniping team that goes for feeds, a trickshot team, and maybe a gamebattle team. I have made a youtube channel but I haven't posted any videos up yet. I have not started a website or Elite clan yet but hopefully soon I will be able to. There are just a few things that you need to be/have to join

      1. Be mature and friendly.

      2. Have skill or be able to work with a team. Need atleast a little knowledge of spawns.

      3. Be on PSN

      4. Be able to play most of the week. (I understand if you have a job or school.)

      5. Be willing to make a new account. TeK_(your name here.) I want ppl to know that we are in a clan together. But this not manditory. You can keep your original account if you want to

      6. If you are accepted you must be loyal to TeK. Thats one reason you need to make a new account.

      7. Either have a HD PVR or have someone that can. I have a PVR so I don't mind recording. I just might need someone to help me out.

      We also need GFX and editors when we start making YouTube videos. If you have any questions add TeK_Falkn or xXFaulconXx on PSN and we can talk. Or you can contact me on Skype at TeK_Falkn. Hope to see you soon.