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    Map packs

      Which map pack is the best out of the ones been released ? As I only have enough money to purchase one? Opinions please?

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          The latest map pack would be the best IMO. Parish is an excellent map for playing DOM. Gulch is like something from a wild west movie set, tumbluweed included (which rolls along if you shoot it, hours of fun doing that) It's got a few CQC spots and the center area of the map is suitable for snipers.

          Boardwalk is another goodie for DOM, with 2 areas for sniping.

          Not sure what else is in this pack.

          Blops2 is out in 2 weeks, maybe you should keep your money 'till a map pack comes out for that.

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              Can't really say any of them. Every new map pack they've released have become corner camp fests and even the small maps that should be run and gun maps with SMGs and shotguns have just become infested with players who lay down in the middle of the map with snipers and camp the entire game.

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              I would go for the Final assault map pack that mallafornia mentioned. It includes Decommision and the one on the oil rig (name has slipped my mind) plus the 3 other ones he mentioned are all included. At least you would be gettin 5 multiplayer maps,instead of smaller face off maps.

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                would definatly to the last one, its the only one you get all mp maps and not a mix of face off and spec ops. definatly not the third as all that was  is spec ops and face off unless thats what your into.

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                  yup - agreed with the others. Gultch, Boardwalk are awesome and Im starting to like Parish the more I play it as its very very fast paced... off shore is great for Dom once you get used to it and decommission is alright. This pack has the most variety, multiplayer maps only, and a DLC playlist for it...