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    Is not playing the objective boosting?

      I guess that is a strait forward question. Now I can give examples. If you are playing drop zone for example and you are just trying to get kills near the enemy spawns or you hang back from the drop zone when it says to capture it, is that not exploiting the game mode? If you are playing k/c and you kill a player ten feet away and then hide and watch the tags and every time an enemy player runs up and grabs those tags you get a free kill and another free bait (set of tags) to watch is that not exploiting the game mode. Never played MITD but it sounds like plenty of people exploit that gamemmode. Capping 2 flags in Dom and then spawn trapping is that not exploiting the game mode? So I guess my question is, is exploiting the game mode boosting and if so how do you go about reporting them in a way where they get caught? When you report a player it does not give you the option to send in your gameplay so any report you give has no evidence.