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    wiiU remote gameplay?



      its a leaked zombie gameplay. only part i cared about is it looks like hes using wiimote. finally some gameplay.

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          Nooo I'm pretty sure that's not Wiimote. If it was, the reticle would have a dot in the center and be jumping all over the place. Plus, I'm sure I saw the PS3 buttons in the menu at the start of the video.

          But it was still nice seeing zombies gameplay

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            I'm pretty sure this isn't even WiiU for a few reasons. First, when the video starts look at the bottom left corner. There are two buttons and one looks like the PS3 circle button, and the other kind of resembles the PS3 X button. Second, the original poster of the video puts in the description ps3 ftw!!!! Lastly, in the bottom right corner you can see the PS3 D-pad. Also if this is leaked gameplay of WiiU that also means the console got released early along with the game which is highly unlikely, and I have doubts of this being a developer playing. I know the guy's jerky motions make it look like Wii Remote and when interacting with something it looks like it says hold (the Wii plus button). I think it's just a PS3 guy who got the game early, a hacked copy, or a fake video. I question why the video is so short if the guy has the game in full.

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              At least it's zombies gameplay