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    Flak Jacket OP?

      So I've been playing blops recently and people use flak jacket and even when my Semtex or both my c4 is on them they still manage to go god mode and survive. Is this going to be the case this year? I just don't want to see there being now reason for people to use explosive score streaks, crossbow, or grenades because they are worthless because everyone has flak jacket on. Does anyone know details on this?

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          Houfer wrote:


          So I've been playing blops recently and people use flak jacket and even when my Semtex or both my c4 is on them they still manage to go god mode and survive.

          The purpose of flak jacket is to protect the players from explosives. Don't like it? Too bad.

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              Nothing in Call of Duty should make you immune to a equipment, attachment, weapon, grenade, or killstreak. How do people defend this perk? They say to use your gun. If they are going to put in a perk like Flak Jacket why not go ahead and take out every explosion based idea in the game? It sounds like that's what everyone wants.


              So i think instead of making explosions useless, why not nerf Flak Jacket and just balance the game out? So go ahead and defend it however you want, but we all know that what i'm saying is true.

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              I'd agree that it was over powered... but I disagree that it should be nerfed.


              Flakjacket was a bit overkill against the flamethrower... I felt that should have been the single, and only exception to it's many counters. Everything else, from equiptment, killstreaks, attachments, and grenades... well, it didn't do anything but put smiles to peoples faces.

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                  Not nerfed persay, just make it so that you can still surive explosions that would normally kill you but still be able to die when you get stuck by a sextex or a c4 is dropped on head and explodes. Since there are multiple scorestreaks that kill people using explosives like lightning strike war machine and the chopper gunner thing i still think that flak jacket shouldn't make you immune. Considering all the other perks in tier 1 have been nerfed it seems reasonable that everyone will use flak jacket within a months time and it will be the ghost that everyone but me hated about blops.

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                      It's not immune. At full health: Two C4's will kill a Flackjacket user, a Semtex will kill a flackjacket user (assuming it sticks), a Crossbow will kill a flackjacket user (assuming it sticks), a grenade launcher will kill a flackjacket user (direct impact), a RPG will kill a flackjacket user (direct impact), a RCXD will kill a flackjacket user (if the explosion is directly under the player), the Mortar will kill a flackjacket user , Rolling Thunder will obviously kill a flackjacket user, Valkarines will kill a Flackjacket user,  the Grim Reaper will kill a flackjacket user...


                      The only thing I can think of that cannot kill a flackjacket at full health is a Claymore, a normal frag grenade, and a flamethrower. I think it's protection against explosives is vital. Only well placed explosives will be able to kill a flackjacket user ontop of a flag, otherwise the player had to just use bullets.

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                    *sigh*, flak jacket did what it was supposed to, which was protecting you from explosives; it was a great perk for use in objective modes where some people like to simply sit outside and kill whore by launching tubes and nades into the flag or HQ, it didn't need nerfed.

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                      It was a powerful perk, for sure... BUT, it had counters like everything else.


                      Smart players learned quickly not to waste explosives on Flak Jacket users. On the rare occasions I used the RCXD , if I saw an enemy in Flak I ignored him and went on to different player.


                      The Counter? UAV. They can't hide from it. Motion sensors for those who used them, can't hide from those either.


                      It was a powerful perk, but it did it's job. Was balanced in Hardcore. No more frustrating than people who abused Ghost by sitting in a corner.


                      Everything has a counter. Learn what it is, and you won't find too much that is "OP".

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                        how it should be. NO effect on surviving KS, well except explosives but then it wont help to much.


                        can survive grenades and C4, direct inpacts(or right at feet impacts) would still kill. second and 3rd grenades would almsot always finish off a flakjacket user. you shouldnt be able to survive multaple explosives with it,


                        i slight nerf(or a nerf on how quickly your life refills after being hit by a explosing while using flackjacket) would be fine.

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                          flat jacket wasn't op when i use it & get stuck with a semtex i die.if you arent damaged & u get hit by a nade u wouldn't die but if your injured & get hit by them u do die.but its a must for nuketown & dom

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                            It is if you can look at this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GYqJMhWF3M