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    Sony headset 7.1 vs Turtle Beach XRAY CHAT quality

      I have the Sonly headset 7.1 ($100 one) and it works great but yesterday the Turtle Beach XRAY limited edition for BO2 came out and I decided to buy it. It's a VERY nice headset. Very comfortable and love all the features on it, specially the ability to sync it up to my cell phone and receive calls or make calls during game play. The game sound is great.


      However, one problem, the CHAT sound isn't as clear as my Sony headset. People hear me fine and I hear people fine. However, the best way to describe this issue is the people I hear sound DULL. I don't find the chat to be as clear as the Sony headset. There is no static and it's not muffled, just dull.


      Has anyone experienced this chat quality with WIRELESS Turtle Beach headsets? Any solution or tips to improve chat quality?


      Only explanation I have come up with is that turtle beach chat is going through blue tooth where as sony isn't. Could that be the case?