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    In need of recruits-COD MW3- PS3

      Hey guys this is a new clan and we are in need of recruits.

      like any other clan we don't expect 1.50 KDR or anything like that...

      Anything about .70 will do. There is no specific game type that you need to be good in, we just want you to enjoy the game and have a KDR of at least 0.70

      If you would like to join this awesome clan do visit the website- https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/manage/4177315#info and fill the application there and we will go through the application and invite you to the clan.

      The clan name- one-vs-ten

      And for more information, add Gunn_Fire007

      NOTE- You should be active and have a KDR of at least 0:70 in FFA. Goodluck to you, Welcome!