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    Black Ops 2 Future DLC Discussion

      I know Black Ops 2 hasn't even been released yet, but I'm pretty sure that Treyarch is already working on downloadable content. I think that I speak for the entire COD community when we say that we want new maps that are creative and fun to play on. For example: if a map that takes place in a bombed out city on the disc (Aftermath, etc.) then the last thing we want in a map pack is map that takes place in a bombed-out city. Make the new multiplayer maps take place in original set pieces, like when you released Hotel, Zoo, Hangar 18, and Drive In. No offense, but maps like Berlin Wall, Stockpile, and Silo were very forgetable. So overall, Treyarch should push themselves to create these awesome setpieces that stand out from anything we've played in before. The future setting has so much potential, so use it!!

      P.S. Reskinned remakes like Hazard and Nuketown 2025 are nice little throwbacks too. And you should give us War Museum (the Castle remake) seeing how it was basically finished. You guys could also throw in some Black Ops statues and pictures in the museum now that we're in the future!


      Thanks Treyarch

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          Re: Black Ops 2 Future DLC Discussion

          It seems like we have one of these threads pop up every few weeks or so... and I will give you the same answer.


          While future DLC discussion is interesting... at this point in the game's lifecycle it is premature. We haven't played the game yet. We haven't played the 14 (15 counting Nuketown) maps, and watching them in videos is hardly the same thing.


          In my mind, we should be encouraging DLC that fills a gap or a need. Perhaps we will find there aren't enough small maps... we can then discuss that future DLC should have more. Perhaps not enough snowy maps, or too many... we can discuss that.


          Right now... talking about DLC is really not on point. Lets see what the game gives us first, and then we can discuss what we need or would like to see.


          As for the old maps... been discussed 100000000 times on here. New stuff, not old stuff. The re-imagined maps are at least creative... but I personally would rather have all new maps to explore and enjoy.

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