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    User Control pannel- Friend/Foe option

      I would like a foe option on the forums something where a user can go in to their profile and set another user as foe. This setting would then block or hide any posts/comments made by that user in a thread. This would have a positive affect of allowing users to basically place another user on an ingore list if they do not like how that person replies on the forums.


      IE; A user comes in to a thread and constantly argues with another user. One or both can put each other on their foe list and than never have to read another comment by that user again. Other members could still see and repond to any thing either user said thus the thread context would not be affected nearly as much as before.


      Would be an affective way to deal with troll posts, flamewars, or other means where each user would have the ability to just ignore that user they did not like. Sort of like the block communication setting on xbl, or the block setting on aim/msn/skype or any other communication interface that allows such chocies.


      It is a feature that I think works well for any website if the users have it and know about it and how to use it and are directed to use it first before reporting every post they come across that they do not agree with or like made by an individual.