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    Post your Steam IDs here

      Hey all, I recently joined the PC "master race" and Black Ops 2 will be my first COD game on PC. My problem is only one person on my friends list is getting BLOPS2 on release. So I thought I would start this thread for others in a similar situation and get a nice list going. Please post the following information as a courtesy to anyone curious about friending you: Steam ID, age, timezone, whether you have a mic or not, preffered game modes, I'll kick this off!


      *EDIT* Please include your location as well, for those that are not in the US I'm sure it would be very useful! Thanks!



      Steam ID: Mr.Adaptability

      Age: 19

      Time zone: EST

      Location: Indiana, US

      Mic: Yes

      Game modes: I pretty much like all game modes