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    Scorestreak tuning feedback


      Alright folks, this is the finalized point requirements for the scorestreaks in the final version of the game on release day.  Before this revision, the requirements were a little too low, but now it seems that Treyarch may have overcompensated in some areas.  Here it is:


      UAV: 350

      RCXD: 450

      Hunter Killer: 525

      Care Pack: 550

      Counter-UAV: 600 (wtf???)

      Gaurdian (Microwave): 650

      Hellstorm missile: 700

      Lightning strike: 750

      Sentry gun: 800 (yes, really)

      Death Machine: 850

      War Machine: 900

      Dragonfire: 975

      AGR (Assault Drone): 1000

      Stealth Chopper: 1100 (wtf?)

      Orbital VSAT (Blackbird): 1200 (yikes)

      Escort Drone (MW3 AH-6): 1250

      EMP: 1300

      Warthog (A-10 strafes): 1400

      Lodestar (MW3 Reaper): 1500 (lol)

      VTOL Warship (MW3 Osprey/BO1 Gunship): 1600

      Attack Dogs: 1700 (holy sh*t)

      Swarm: 1900


      Aside from needing a 6 killstreak for a counter-UAV, most of the scorestreaks below 1000 seem at least somewhat reasonable... I mean, the Hellstorm is an upgraded predator missile, the Lightning Strike is a triple airstrike... but pretty much everything above 1000 seems absurd!  Maybe an 11 killstreak for the Stealth Chopper makes sense if it's beefed up like the Pavelow, but a 15 killstreak for the equivalent of an MW3 Reaper? 12/13 killstreak for the MW3 AH-6?  Maybe these would all make more sense if the scorestreaks fully stacked (100 points for each scorestreak kill), but they dont...


      Attack Dogs were a 7 killstreak in WaW.  An 11 killstreak in BO1.  Now they are a 17 killstreak.   How does that happen? I dont remember anyone complaining about 11 being too low in BO1.  From the video footage I've seen, the swarm is very powerful.  It was originally 14, which was too low, but a 19 killstreak? No.


      I understand that it may be easier to rack up scorestreaks in some objective game modes.  But I think Treyarch may have forgot about TDM/FFA players when updating these requirements.  I think we need to give them some feedback to bring some of these scorestreaks down to reasonable requirements.  Let me know what you think!

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          Better kill streaks the more powerfull killstreaks = Harder to get the killstreak set is PERFECT. In BO demolition 11 kills was so easy to get, even in domination is was fairly simple to get. With Black Ops II as long as you play the objective, you won't really have to get 17 kills maybe more equivilent to 11-13

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              in objective game types.  What about TDM/FFA?

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                  iamhollywood5 wrote:


                  in objective game types.  What about TDM/FFA?


                  Grow a pair

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                    Don't quote me on this but I think I remember Vahn stating that points towards scorestreak rewards will be adjusted according to which gamemode you're playing.


                    I'm assuming the devs will make sure that gaining the higher rewards will be easier to get in TDM mode (if you're on a streak) for killing compared to say playing Domination where objective play is vital to gaining your scorestreak rewards more than just slaying.


                    The scorestreak points for say a Warthog remains the same however the points to get there will be adjusted through different game modes.

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                        This would make sense. No need to change the score streak value just change the number of points awarded for different actions.


                        Basically in TDM the values could be doubled over that of the obj modes.


                        The reason why the cuav is so high is to make it harder for people to spam those and hide. BOii is more about active and agressive play and not passive defenseive- camping/patroling play.


                        In MW3 I could keep an entire match completely in the dark in core if I wanted. I could get cuav's so easy with support that I could basically take away the baby monitor permamently for the match. Those who need that did not like that because it gave them no dots to hunt.


                        Even though some people do not like the uav, it is an integral part of agressive play having the information of where your team and the enemy team is.

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                          from all the leaked gameplay i've seen, 1 kill in TDM and FFA is still 100.  Still a 14 killstreak for a Warthog, which is basically a glorified airstrike...  And if they cranked it to 150 per kill, then the lower-level scorestreaks are too easy and too common.  It's just very disproportional right now.  The majority of the scorestreaks over 1000 need to be re-evaluated, as well the CUAV and Sentry Gun.  I promise you, nobody will EVER use those two if those requirements are changed.  Most common scorestreaks will undoubtedly be Hunter Killer, Hellstorm, and AGR, as those are the only ones that have truly sensible score requirements.


                          Swarm should be the highest at 1600. Something like the Lodestar should be 1150.  The other side-effect I fear is this will cause more campy gameplay when people are enticed to play defensively enough to stay alive for 1000+ points.  MW3's support package made me play so much more aggressively, not having to worry about my streak resetting.  I camped hardcore with Assault, but constantly ran about with support.  Same thing in Homefront with the Battle Points - they rolled over through death, encouraging aggressive play.  I was hoping BO2 would take a cue from MW3 and continue moving away from the "streak" idea.

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                      The scorestreak points will be a work in progress in my opinion - the fact that they have the black box ability to change the score rewards for each score streak is encouraging for me.

                      If something doesn't work, they can always change it. Cool beans.


                      What I don't want them to do is change it because people are having a hard time getting them due to not playing the objective.


                      If the objective guys are getting it, perfect. I don't care if the non-objective guys are not getting them. Tough. Play the game the way it's meant to be played

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                          again, you are all forgetting about TDM/FFA where the objective IS KILLING PEOPLE.  Not everyone plays the same game types as you, remember that.


                          Obviously they have the ability to alter the score requirements.  That's what this thread is for - to give them feedback.  Lowering the score requirement of any streak doesn't make it any easier to get a reward without playing the objective - In Dom, capping a flag still gets you 250 points, a kill still gets you 50 points.  That's 1/5th of the points.  If all the requirements are lowered, objective players still run circles around campers/killwhores in terms of rewards.

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                          If you ask me, 8 kills seems justified for the Sentry Gun given all of its buffs. You no longer have to airdrop it, it is immune to melee attacks, it can kill blind eye users while remote controlled, it locks onto other scorestreaks, and as far as I know, concussion and flashbangs no longer affect it. In fact, I don't think tactical equipment is going to be used very much anymore.


                          If you place a sentry gun in a smart spot (in a corner, not necessarily up high) in past CoD's, and the stealth perk isn't being overused, it can rack up quite a few kills. AI bots are complete SUCKERS for sentry guns.

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                            people dont realise that you can cap your home flag, the B flag and kill about 3 people near the B flag (for extra defense points), cap the B flag, and kill maybe 2 or 3 more and get his killstreaks rolling very easily, even the ones over 1000 points.


                            as ive said in another thread good players will get these streaks with ease while newer and not so good players will cry for them to be nerfed.


                            not to mention you can earn all three of your streaks, die and then use them all and they'll count towards your next streak on that new life (uav assists for example)