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    Difference between BLIND EYE and COLD BLOODED perks

      I am confused at the differences between these 2 perks. Maybe I am missing something or just don't understand the descriptions.


      BLIND EYE:

      AI-controlled air support Scorestreaks can't detect you. Some air support Scorestreaks can be player-controlled at anytime, which means they are still able to attack you if the AI is overridden.



      Makes you invisible to enemy targeting systems, which include equipment such as the Dual Band, Target Finder, Sensor Grenade, and MMS. Enemy player-controlled air support Scorestreak rewards also can't target you normally.


      The COLD BLOOKDED perk seems to inlcude ( controlled air support Scorestreak rewards also can't target you normally ) isn't that what BLIND EYE does?


      Can anyone please explain this so I can understand it?


      Thank you in advance