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        50. Re: Black Ops 2 Zombies Master-Post. (Massive Spoilers!)

        Just a quick head's up on a few things,

        You can find the parts to the power turbine in the starting zone, the fan on the chair across the workstand, the headless mannequin on the floor and the turbine(?) against a locker on the far right corner - this allows you to open the door adjacent to the workshop, the room may also have a part near the trashcans, but I'm not sure what it's for


        In the diner, the parts to the zombie shield are in the diner itself, look for a handtruck either behind the kitchen counter or behind a couch near the main entrance to the diner (vague directions, sorry) and in the garage, look for a car door which could either be in the hallway between the main lobby and the bathroom or in the garage on the car itself

        The shed on the outskirts can be opened with the turbine, with a part sometimes inside.


        I'm still not familiar with the farm, the workstand builds a turret, which isn't auto unfortunately but looks like a death segway, there's another shed where you can use the turbine to acquire claymores and perhaps a part, you may find the broken shotgun, another part, in the second floor on a haystack. The other part is somewhere in the house. Three parts in total for this one.


        Turbine is really useful for opening vending machines and some doors,

        Zombie shield is the same as normal one, except it makes zombies fly, doesn't give you points, may break, doesn't take a weapon space and provides good rear / all around cover.

        Spawn point parts are always in the same place, but after that it's random between two different places (I thiiiiiiiink)

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          51. Re: Black Ops 2 Zombies Master-Post. (Massive Spoilers!)

          there are parts in the rooms that need to be opened with the turbine. these parts go on the bus. theres a grill, for the front of the bus, a metal square with 2 ladder bars, which goes onto the emergency exit thing on the bus, and a ladder that goes on the rear left side of the bus. these parts randomly spawn in different rooms around the map that have to be accessed by the turbine (theres one in every town). these are the only 3 parts ive found for the bus at the moment. theres a door that needs the turbine next to tombstone that im not sure you've talked about. no idea whats inside yet

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            52. Re: Black Ops 2 Zombies Master-Post. (Massive Spoilers!)

            Guys go to this link to make a change http://www.change.org/petitions/treyarch-bring-back-phd-flopper-mule-kick-and-de adshot-daiquiri-for-bo2-zombies sign the petition and if enough people sign treyarch gets noted on how many people want change. Lets get back FLOPPER

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              53. Re: Black Ops 2 Zombies Master-Post. (Massive Spoilers!)

              Transit is fun.  However, there is no pack-a-punch and there are only 4 stops.  There are like 10 doors to open in total.  There areas in which you get to roam around in are WAY TOO SMALL.  When I say small I don't refer to maps having wide open areas.  I  am talking about adding more to each location to make them bigger.  Having at least 10 locations to stop at would also make the trip around this massive map less monotonous.  The bus should also move slower as to increase the challenge of fighting off zombies on your way to another location.  With having say 10 locations, the bus could possibly skip 1 or 2 from time to time.  This would make it harder to get to certain perks or get parts needed for certain items. 

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                54. Re: Black Ops 2 Zombies Master-Post. (Massive Spoilers!)

                you can also use the short ladder in the dinner to get to the roof access. you will have to do this eventually cause the mystery box spawn is on top of the diner roof. also on the roof are a pair of electric brass knuckles which is an ideal weapon of choice since it replaces your knife as a melee weapon and is a one shot kill until level 15....and the knuckles are the best way to defeat the electric zombie when he appears.


                Note when you defeat the electric zombie he does not die...he just temporarly dissapears for a few a rounds

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                  55. Re: Black Ops 2 Zombies Master-Post. (Massive Spoilers!)

                  and you are wrong redkonexion...there is a pack a punch you just have to build it just like everything else. first thing you have to do is blow up both of the security door vaults in the bank. go to the very last room and look at the wall that has an eletric syblom....one person has to turn on the power while everyone else waits by the room in the bank. once the power is on the people in the bank can go below the bank and find three objects to make the pack a punch.


                  on a side not you have a limited amount to use the pack a punch so be prepared to assemble the pack a punch and upgrade any weapons all at the same time

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                    56. Re: Black Ops 2 Zombies Master-Post. (Massive Spoilers!)

                    Dude, there is a pack a punch.  its in the bank vault.  and there are more than 5 locations: Bus Depot, Tunnel, Diner, Farm, Corn Maze, Nacht, Power Station, Cabin, Town and Bridge you can all be without the denizens popping up.

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                      57. Re: Black Ops 2 Zombies Master-Post. (Massive Spoilers!)

                      Just a heads up. The turbine can be upto 15 feet away from the pap switch outside at power.  You can also pap a gun using the turbine if the power is off.

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                        58. Re: Black Ops 2 Zombies Master-Post. (Massive Spoilers!)

                        Oh my, that is pretty ridiculous. Stop crying like little b******. What did you do before flopper? Cry about something else i'm sure. People act as if they're entitled to s***. You bought their game. You don't think it can possibly be added to other maps later, as it was first introduced to begin with? You and anyone who signs that is retarded.

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                          59. Re: Black Ops 2 Zombies Master-Post. (Massive Spoilers!)

                          Lol I think he blew himself to bits before flopper

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