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    what makes a good player good?


      (Posters NOTE: You will see me repeatedly referencing my own gameplay experiences throughout this. I am not trying to say I am a good player. But these are the expericences I have to go by which is why I am sharing them.)


      this is a question i think most of us have asked our selves and as we have seen the answers are varied. But the question still remains. Is it their K/D? Their Win/Loss? Is it the small tactics they use during a shoot out? Is it being able to read your opponent and predict what their next move is? Is it being at the top of the leaderboards every game? Is it being able to do things that not every player can such as rapid firing an semi-auto pistol (ITS NOT A MOD >.<) or the ability to quickscope? Or how about pulling of wacky things such as crawling the flag all the way with a gaint KILL ME sign above ur head. Is it being really good at that one game mode or above average in all? Having all the flag captures? Slaying vs objective running.... does running the objective over killing make you a better player?



      There have been alot of discussions over the years as to what K/D represents and whether or not its an accurate representation of their skill. the same thing goes for peoples other stats such as W/L. In truth... NO they can not.  I have a 1.96 K/d and a 77% win percentage (in Mw3 similar stats in BO). Do these stats indicate that im a good player? NO. Its not the end stat that matters. Its HOW you get that stat thats important. for example, (sorry to bash on camping, it is a strategy... just a poor one.) Lets say you have a guy wins 80% of the time 2.0 K/D. He gets his K/D by playing it Safe. By setting up somewhere with his the rest of his team either in a corner, behind a head glitch/wall, or in a spawn trap point. He doesn't Risk much by not running around, he doesnt expose himself to the dangers of being double teamed or blindsided.


      Now you have another player. One with identical stats. Only this guy got those stats by actively hunting the other team. He goes up head to head with what ever the other team throws at him and still manages those stats. So if he can achieve what you did but by the harder path then what happens when he takes that path? I can tell you right now he would probably do alot better stat wise. It is Far easier to set up for an opponent and win then to engage them in the open on even footing.


      I used to be a camper. I would set up in my little spot that gave me good map control and pick people off. got dogs and choppers and nukes this way with very little effort. I know how they think. And the thing is, at the time I thought I was good because of the stats at the end. But ive come to realise that sure stats are an important indication of how you are doing but, if you got those stats by doing the cheapest things you can (*cough* one man army team tube spam in HC SnD on terminal *cough*) then those stats ulimately mean nothing. because what happens when that option is no longer there? lets say they removed tubes. what would happen to your precious stats then? they would likely plummet.


      Are you a bad player if you dont grab the flag and run it back? In my experience I am better used as a wall then a flag runner. I make sure that atleast from this direction, you will not be pursued. You will likely be higher on the score boards and others will likely say that you are the MVP for having 3 flag caps. But is that really the case? In the end you would never have gotten the flag captured or even out of their base without the other team being dead repeatedly. would you have gotten that plant off in SnD if there hadnt been a guy there to kill your personal stalker? this isnt the end of the arguement. The other side has valid points to. You cant win no matter how many kills you have if you dont capture the flag.


      Is it being able to do things that most others cant do? For example, In MW3 using the Mk14 with rapid fire (and impact) I can fire anywhere from 6-9 rounds per second using just my finger, no mods, no cheats. Or what something like crawling the flag from end to end and capturing it (its not easy, and takes the entire round). Be honest can you really say the other team is bad if they just spend the last 3-4 min crawlingthe flag with a giant KILL ME sign over your head the entire way. even with the lagged update the guy is like a foot and a half from where he was last time. Even players that you would strait up run over would be able to cause chaos during this plan. (i should mention that the most coordination we have going into it is... "are we crawling it? and what side?")


      Is it being able to use your head? When I play the game and get killed, my mind immediatly starts anylizing what just happened. If i get killed by a camper from a spot that i havent seen anyone camp in before my mind logs that and now When I am hunting I automatically check that spot. Does learning gameplay patterns make you a good player? If you know the spawn locations and the spawning pattern you can easily begin to predict where your oppenent will be based off of where you currently are, where he died and where your team mates are located. as such you can head them off. When dealing with campers.... meh just watch this:



      so the question remains for you to answer yourselves. what makes a good player good?

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          Adaptation and I always use shitty guns i.e. BO Dragunov, MW3 M16 pre patch, stuff like that.

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            A good player is what you find a good player. Everybody has an other definition of a good player.

            My opinion is a good player has some qualities:

            1. A decent k/d

            2 A decent w/l (if playing with a team/clan)

            3. In objective games playing the objective

            4. Helping the team by destroying killstreakrewards

            5. Isn't a douchebag against newbs.

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              This is as simple as it can be put. A good great player is someone that can do anything he wants at his own will. The end.

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                Experience/time in game, ability to adept, smarts, and take the game serious.


                Experience/time in game. You maybe a good Halo player, but that doesn't mean you can pick up another shooter (Call of duty, Killzone, Medal of Honor) and be a good player at those games. The more time you put into a game, the better you will be.


                Ability to adept. Sometime the enemy team will use a tactic that disrupts your flow. Or maybe your primary class the best setup for a certain situation. Or maybe you feel a little lag, like the game is slightly out of sync. You must find a way to adept.


                Smarts. Knowing when to "fall back" is important. Sometimes you need to consider whether rushing is a smart idea. Maybe there is a Chopper Gunner in the air. Using that brain will help your game.


                Take the game serious. Put those tryhard pants on! Trying your best will get you farther than not caring.


                *Bonus* Learn from your mistakes. In my time in lobbies and games, I have heard countless players rage every time they died. They accuse people of out right cheating or using a modded controller. But they are the ones making mistakes. If you get corner camping in a building, why run right back for another death? Find another way to around and get the kill or forget about that player altogether. Learning from your mistakes and preventing them will help your game.

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                    Be aware of what is going on around you.  Knowledge of where your teammates are without them having to tell you.  Use the environment around you to get an advantage over the enemy: peak over cover, get higher ground, etc.  Be precise with your shots, you don't have to have a 30% accuracy to be good either.  Predict where the enemy is and where there are most likely to go.



                    USING YOUR HEAD MAKES YOU A GOOD PLAYER.  Think of what you were doing, are doing, and will be doing to win.  A high K/D doesn't mean that you are a GOOD PLAYER.  Winning makes you a good player.



                    One more thing is having Good Sportsmanship.  You might earn a lot of peoples' respect.

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                    A good player is someone who can play the objective while killing the enemy a lot. That's as simple as I can put it. You don't want people who constantly rush the objective without even bothering to try and kill enemies, because they just get killed over and over, and that just gives the enemy killstreaks to use against you. You want someone who can get lots of kills, but if they won't drop what they're doing to secure an objective in trouble, then they aren't really helping.

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                      I play100% Dom. For this game a good play us one who caps n holds.

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                        I find someone a good player if he has the strength to a jar to his hand, e.g. in the State 50-100 for domination-the counterparty.

                        your teammates get it not for each other to a 2nd flag to conquer and hold.

                        If you then by slim to play a flag to address and your team know up to help win the game then to know then you're a good player!

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                          Someone with a KD above 1.50 and a W/L over 1.60 = a good player


                          There's so many different criterias though.


                          Do you have good reflexes and hand-eye coordination?


                          Are you able to lock onto targets quickly?


                          Are you able to learn the maps and lines os sight quickly?


                          Are you able to understand how spawns work and how sensitive spawns are on different maps and game modes?


                          Are you someone who isn't a restricted or limited player (ie. can only use 1 gun, or 1 class of guns?)


                          Are you someone who constantly pays attention to the objective, even if you aren't necessarily playing the objective?


                          Are you someone that communicates well in live matches? Do you know your call-outs for all the maps?


                          There are so many different things that can go into figuring out whether you are a good player or not, that it's silly to try and narrow it down to a few key things. You can take the statistical approach like I did above, or you can take the more logical approach analyzing gameplay like I did at the bottom.


                          Both would be right

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                            A good player is someone who plays the objective. If a full team of 6 are all playing the objective and communicating, it is almost impossible to lose.


                            The most important factor though, CONNECTION!

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                              Someone who plays to have fun.

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                                A good player is someone who doesn't complain about how they die. They learn from their mistakes and contribute to the team by finishing with at least a 1.0 K\D. It doesn't matter if you have a 4.0 K\D, if you complain about campers, tubers, etc then you are not a good gamer.

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                                  What makes a good player good is having experience with FPS games and understanding of the game mode requirements and using those 2 things to play in the style they want and have fun.

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                                    A COOL head and adaptability make you a good player. One of my Friends cranks out a ton of kills and is a very good rusher usually getting 30+ kills a match and has a 2.5xx K/D, BUT if we run into another group that has good communication and holds an area he gets SHUT DOWN. He likes to blow his top and then will just keep running into THERE area trying to seek revenge and usually ends up going negative! Not a good player IMO, great in matches with randoms on the other team, HORRIBLE against another squad. Me on the other hand, I can slow down my pace and change/use tactics against other squads and work with other teammates (except said buddy above) to "flush out" the enemy.

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                                      A COOL head and adaptability make you a good player. One of my Friends cranks out a ton of kills and is a very good rusher usually getting 30+ kills a match and has a 2.5xx K/D, BUT if we run into another group that has good communication and holds an area he gets SHUT DOWN. He likes to blow his top and then will just keep running into THIER area trying to seek revenge and usually ends up going negative! Not a good player IMO, great in matches with randoms on the other team, HORRIBLE against another squad. Me on the other hand, I can slow down my pace and change/use tactics against other squads and work with other teammates (except said buddy above) to "flush out" the enemy.

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                                        It's short and simple.


                                        Experience, Adaptability, Smart Tactics, Map Knowledge and a pinch of Luck.

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                                          Its pretty simple what makes a good player in Call of Duty in both competitive and public matches is experience, communication , tactics, teamwork and map knowledge.


                                          Experience because you got to know how to play in both types competitive and public. There is a difference in way they are played.


                                          communication because you have got to be able to talk to your team and call out the other team there position and where you died or seen a person last and which way there heading or what gun there running.


                                          Tactics because if you go running in headless with no thought to the game you will end up dying. If you see a player running you don't run behind him you try cutting off his pass he is heading specially if your playing a objective game mode.


                                          Teamwork because if your with your clan or friends and your getting kills and just using your own kill streaks your not really a team player if it is objective. Maybe run support so you can put pressure on a certain objective to capture it.


                                          Map Knowledge because you got to know where the spawns are and where your heading and all the best spots to head an advantage on your opponent.




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                                            I am sorry but high KDs do reflect good players. The only players to give me a game are the ones with a high KD (4 or over) and over 300 score per minute, everyone else is garbage. Much of a muchness.


                                            Most players are stupid, running around like headless chickens. The most important thing in these games is awareness. You have to be fully aware of the environment you are in and understand where players are, where they are going and what they are going to do.


                                            I'm always looking at the entire screen and map, and listening carefully to the sounds around me. A lot of the time, the players I kill have appeared just as movements in the corner of my eye. If you are focused only on what is in front of you, you will likely be killed time and again.


                                            Simple things that should be common sense like the moment you are getting shot at and have chance to jump into cover, take it and dont reapper until your health is fully regained, are surprisingly ignored. Never chase after revenge. Never chase after anyone. Dont try and kill every single player that comes on your screen: fight the battles you know you are going to win. Walk away from some situations, as there will likely be other enemies just around another corner more exposed. Never run through wide open spaces. When moving or running around the map always look around you, never just look in one direction. These things are so ridiculously simple.


                                            Players use who use shotguns or SMGs make me laugh. Yep, one-on-one they can do the damage and rack up loads of kills but have you seen how many times they died...lol. These are bad players as are people who use snipers. Except for the truly excellent top COD players, people who use snipers will never be good. The moment you hear 'quick-scope' or 'no-scope' or 'look at him he just hard-scoped' you know the lobby is going to easy. Surely it is common sense to use a weapon that can pick enemies off both long range and short range. Its not rocket science. Its so fun to pick off snipers with an Enfield at long range or hip fire them at close quarters while they are sweating profusely trying to no-scope you.


                                            A couple of tips I would like to share in the hope that I can get harder games against me, are as follows: always have your sensitivity on the highest setting. Always use the highest killstreaks, making sure you have either spy plane or something similar selected, also. Stop talking constantly throughout a game. Find areas that are beneficial to control but dont camp. Move about to the flow of the game. Stop using snipers, shotguns or SMGs - get a proper gun!


                                            Like what aaron86v said, a good player can do anything. A player with a high KD and fast score per minute will be able to control an area, camp or run and gun. That is the truth. We good players can do anything

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                                              Well to start,everyone can't run through the map and kill everything in sight like chuck norris or john rambo.A good player is someone who masters their own playstyle,whatever it may be.

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                                                I've been playing fps games over 15 years. I'm at 73% win percentage and a 3kd. I win by outsmarting my opponents. 90% of the players out there are extremely predictable. I've become pretty good at reading other players and exploiting their weaknesses, thus enabling them to beat themselves.

                                                There are only a few different kinds of players out there. (rushers, campers, revenge-seekers, etc.) If you can identify their styles quickly, you can give yourself the offensive advantage, which is what I always try to maintain.


                                                I was in a ffa with Sandy Ravage in MW2. He won the first game but I beat him the second game, ending his 121 game winning streak. I had to figure out how to adjust to his rush style and win, and I did. He complimented my win.

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                                                  What makes a good player is simply their mind. What they can remember, and how do they use it? I've already seen plenty of comments saying exactly what makes it: Just being smart.

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                                                    Finesse... lots of bullets, and hotpockets.

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                                                        Agreed, many can feign being good by having great stats gained from killwhoring in objective gamemodes, having support runners, spawn camping, playing alternate gametypes where kills come very easily ala MW3s Infected etc. Doing all of this may be fine, but refusing to acknowledge that its cheap is where many so called "good players" fall. A good player knows the difference between cheap gameplay and quality skilled gameplay. Bad players are in denial of the difference.  

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                                                        Good is pretty subjective.I have little use for gamer stats and wish they were not part of the game since they seem to cause more problems than anything. I think good is to try your best, and don't be a jerk.

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                                                          a player that can do do most things rather well.




                                                          can actively hunt enemy players, scores 20+ kils a game maintaining a 2.0 K/D


                                                          Is a good tactician, can win objective game modes by both capturing and holding points and killing the enemy team.


                                                          is good on all types of maps, whether small and hectic or big and slower.


                                                          fast reactions to dodge when hit or getting fired at and to quickly return fire.



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                                                            I find a good player to be someone who plays their best so that their team can have a better chance at winning.

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                                                              Sad thing is, black ops 2 took out all the skill out of the game. You can't really call your self a good player any more, what with the coin toss gun fights..because of the lag bs. The small cluttered maps that make everyone run around with ghost and SMGS..over powered sniper rifles that always kill one shot above the waist. Where's the skill in any of this?

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                                                                Someone who has terrible internet.

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                                                                    and why is that? ima guess that your one of those people who has good internet and sees hit detection problems and goes OMG! LAG COMP BROKDED!... you do know that EVERYONE is having that kind of problem regardless of their speed right?


                                                                    we have all been hearing about this problem since mod2... hell even before that. The fact of the matter is that I 3 bar most of the time. I do well basically every game. Even when I am host. and everyone else i have spoken to has said that being host is far nicer then being on anything less then 4 bars.


                                                                    In MW3 i would snipe alot. and I would (fairly often) have a shot where i sit there and go... wait... that missed? at first i thought that i made the shot too quick, was too hasty and missed. or maby my aim wasnt as good as i thought it was. and then the game started giving me host... and i stopped missing.

                                                                    ________________________________________________________________________________ ______


                                                                    I completely disagree with you corey, that this game has no skill. If Gun battles were truly a coin toss i would win out a grand majority of the time, sure I do die from lag problems, sometimes it does feel like im playing wanted with bullets curving around corners. I can tell you right now on my average connection My bullets Lag about .5-1 second behind the gameplay. Personally i choose to blame my own internet for that problem.


                                                                    the problem with the lag is this (just my opinion but in truth i know jack). If you have a good Download rate, and a crappy upload rate you will see them shooting you and your bullets not registering. If its a crappy download rate, you will see them skipping around because you are not recieving the information on what they are doing from their console well enough. SO the problem varies from person to person.


                                                                    My issue is the first one. My download rate is fairly good. not my upload rate. so the information on what I am doing is lagged and that causes me problems as in by the time the information that my bullets are flying reaches where it needs to be, he is no longer where I am aiming.


                                                                    Im sure theres alot more that goes into it. But the end point is this, the lag situation is no where near enough to trump skill.


                                                                    as far as SMGs go, to each his own opinion. In my opinion the reason SMG's have become far more popular is because the mentality of the community has changed. What weapon type is best for running and gunning? What type of game play is specifically hated by the community? What type of play style does the community respect the most? In past Cod's camping was the main play style. or atleast in my experience it was. In BO it was about moving a bit slower as such AR's with long range and high accuracy were favored. AR's are the best for killing head glitchers and campers.


                                                                    snipers being one shot kills. well from my experience, unless your playing core snipers are a one shot kill about 70% of the time IF they are a bolt action. Is this unfair? I dont think so. Escpecially if thats only when you shoot them above the chest. why? because if you get shot with a sniper in the chest your going down. kinda like taking a .50 cal to the head and walking it off. Add to the fact that if i hit you, you should by all rights BE dead, Bolt actions also have to wait before being fired again. nothing in this game speads up the cycling of the bolt. as such if they miss they should (unless they have skill) be screwed. If they miss and still kill you, you should look at what you did wrong in that situation as opposed to what they did wrong. Ever use the Balista with Iron sights? ever try to run N gun... run across an enemy, shoot them point blank in the face and get a hit maker only to be dropped before the bolt has a chance to be cycled?