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    Question about modded controllers? (Black Ops 2)

      If I have a modded controller but don't use the mod on the controller will I still get the penalty?



      Below is one section on the Black Ops 2 code of conduct about modded controllers.



      Unsupported Peripheral Devices & Applications

      Any user who utilizes an unsupported external hardware device or application to interact with the game is subject to penalty. Unsupported peripheral devices and applications include but are not limited to modded controllers, IP flooders and lag switches.



      Minor offense: User will be temporarily banned from playing the game online, will have  their stats & emblems reset and will have their leaderboard entries deleted.

      Extreme or repeat offenses: User will be permanently banned from playing the game online, will have their stats & emblems reset, and will be blocked permanently from appearing in leaderboards.