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    Why can't I play my downloaded songs?

      I bought a whole bunch of songs for Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock, and everytime I try to play one it says I need to go download some add-on from the store, but the store says it's down evertime I go. I know it's not a problem with my live connection cause it works with other games. This has been going on for weeks, are other people having this problem?

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          I noticed the same thing, last weekend i bought a bigger harddrive cause mine was a 20 gb one and that was just to small. But ya i transfered everything to the new harddrive and then when i went to play play the downloaded songs it says the same thing and the store's not working .

          On another note of things not working, i just made this account and wanted to link my gamertag and the link's not working or something

          EDIT: i just went to try and link it after i posted this and it worked lol idk why it woundn't the first time. But the store is still unavailable