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    Black Ops 2 Assault Rifle Guide:

      Ranking of the assault rifles, based on a variety of different factors. The placement of each gun will have a little description as to why it sits where it sits.



      These are my personal rankings. If you don't like them, tough. Feel free to comment on your own rankings, but don't begin to criticize me for mine.




      Assault Rifles - the majority of the weapons in this class have very little recoil. Those that do, have very manageable recoil characteristics which leads me to believe that Black Ops 2 will be an Assault Rifle heavy game, mixed in with one or two decent SMGs and a fully automatic shotfun to boot. Here's my ranking.




      1 - Type-25; Good shout for best gun in the game. This is the try-hard weapon. Great fire rate, deadly accurate, very little recoil at short to mid range gun fights. Easily manageable recoil at long distances. Performance not changed with the addition of a suppressor. Is it OP? I don't think so personally, but my guess is that everyone will call it OP because it'll be heavily used, early in the game - it's one othe early unlocks.




      2 - MTAR; Those expecting something resembling the Tar-21 from MW2 - keep looking. This is a different beast altogether, and it's very fun to use. Very high fire rate, great in most scenarios. Struggles a touch at long range because of an unpredictable recoil (occasionally up-right, or up-left). But if you manage it with a reflex site, this thing can be a lazer beam.




      3 - M8A1 (4-round burst); 4-round burst assault rifle, but has a very high fire rate which means that the delays in the bursts is very small. Very comparable to the G11 in Black Ops 1. Recoil is straight up, which means that firing multiple bursts on a target is easy to maintain. In most cases, a single burst on a target will kill them if all 4 bullets land. If that doesn't work, a second burst always finishes them off.




      4 - M27; Very good all around assault rifle. I'd call it the Jack-of-all-Trades. It does a lot of things good, without doin anything GREAT. At the same time, it doesn't do anything poorly either. It's slower fire rate compared to the above ARs, is more than made up by the fact that recoil is almost minimal on this gun - there literally is almost no recoil on this weapon. Comparable - the M4A1 (mw2, mw3) or the Commando (Black Ops); good all around weapons, that don't do anything poorly but don't do anything great. Good fire rate, good accuracy, low recoil, good all-around weapon. Would be my pick for the early use weapon for level 1s. Unlocked very early.




      5 - SMR (semi-automatic); Semi-automatic assault rife, which is the strongest AR in the game. 1-2 shots will be all that's needed to put people down. Very comparable to the MK14 from MW3. For a single-fire weapon, it has a fire rate that allows it to be competitive against fully automatic ARs, but it's not unbalanced. Would recommend that if you are great with single shot weapons, go with this one - likely a better option than snipers.




      6 - AN-94; Highly comparable to the AK-47 in both Black Ops and MW3 in terms of damage and fire rate characteristics. Behaves very similarly to those weapons as well. Great, fun weapon to use. Has significantly less recoil compared to the AK-47 in games past, which will appeal to a lot of people. Was one of my personal favorites so far, but the above weapons outrank it purely based on having better recoil or damage. Still a very strong weapon. The first 2 shots of every burst fire faster than the rest of the clip, which means that it's highly deadly at range if used properly.




      7 - Scar-H; We've seen the Scar before in previous games. Unfortunately, this is not that gun. One of the better weapons at range (seems like it doesn't have the same damage-dropoff with distance as any of the other weapons), but overall one of the worst assault rifles in the game. Fire rate is lower than the above mentioned guns, and generally doesn't seem to pack the same punch as the others.




      8 - SIG-556 (3-round); fairly typical, run-of-the-mill 3-round burst. The M8A1 and the SMR blow it out of the weapon as far as semi-automatic/burst weapons go. It's got very high damage, and because it's a 3-round burst does well at range. But has a low fire rate which means that you'll struggle in head-to-get gun fights against faster fire rate weapons. Comparable to the M16 pre-patch in MW3. You'll want to ignore this weapon.




      9 - SA-58 (semi-automatic) - Very little recoil, and easily managable. However, it's slow fire rate combined with it's poor damage ratings make it the worst assault rifle in the game. No real comparable to this one from previous games - closest cousin is the FAL from Black Ops, but with significantly less damage. Doesn't compete at all with the SMR.






      Hopefully that helps some of you guys out in prep for day 1 release. Those are my views; if you don't agree let me know what you would change! Looking forward to some feedback.