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    Black Ops 2 Bug/Glitch Thread - Keep it clean updated 13/11/12

      This is the official forum bug thread, there will be three sections, single player, multiplayer and zombies


      Please keep this thread clean, it will be montiored by moderators.


      Also report your bugs to:http://support.activision.com/


      Current Patch: 1.02 (notes not available)


      Single Player issues:






      Regarding the Hardlock (aka Freeze Issue): We are consolidating data based feedback here: http://community.callofduty.com/message/413516948


      Please read the Foxhound-Pro's post, and if you can provide the information requested, please do so.


      That thread is not the place to have discussion, make statements like "Yeah, this happened to me" or mention other issues.


      That thread is specific to the Hardlock issue, and the replies must be in the format Foxhound-Pro outlines.


      Thank you,

      Claire JeepChick

      Treyarch Forum Moderator


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