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    The forums

      These forums are atrocious. They are the epitome of all that is s*ht.

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          Come here child, cry in my arms, we'll get through this together.....

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            You're welcome.

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              Im starting to get used to them.

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                Due to what? Aesthetics or community?

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                    can't be the people as reading most trash on here apart from a select bunch! to be honest I would not give them the time of day!


                    If I want negative news then i just turn the TV on an wait for the actual news! anyone have any positive stuff please feel free to post

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                        Its hard to be positive with so little info

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                            here's a postive post! we have cod black ops with full content i.e kill streaks that the poor little wii could not handle due to it's 88mb comapred to 1gb on wii u, we have HD graphics and 60fps! we have local multi player, we have kill cams and COD casting, we have all maps in Full not cut down versions such as Havanna was on black ops! we have emblem editors! if you like that sort of thing!


                            We have the Wii community which tends to be more adults and less squeakers!! we have motion controls, with my gun attachment I can hold my nun chuck and wii mote just like a gun and point at the screen, i don't need to twiddle 2 knobs!


                            I also have a mini map and call streaks right next to me whilst playing which provides a bigger map then the one in the top left of the screen if I want it!


                            I have a new console coming subject to UK numbers and Zavvi delivering on their promise!!!


                            I have hope and belief that Nintendo want the console to succeed with 3rd party support and convince those who may have a current ps3 or xbox that nintendo is where it is at and instead of putting down all that cash for the 8mb ram (yeah right) 8th generation game console they will switch to the lighter side (the rebellion to their empire)


                            No news is sometimes not always bad news!


                            So what we may not get nuke town 2025 at launch

                            we may not get elite

                            we may not get the youtube upload feature at launch


                            Are those 3 things game changers! i think not.............


                            Hope that brightens the day lol