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    DLC for Wii U


      In case you guys didnt know, apparently Activision and Nintendo worked things out, and the Wii U will get DLC for BO2. This is a fantastic piece of news...news i wish we got when MW3 came out


      Here's the link to prove it.


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          I promised good positive news on last threads and this would seem good news for those who want add on content! however just a warning!


          Add on content could be:



          extra game modes as added to MW3


          It may not mean DLC that is charged for such as extra maps!! the above were Free on MW3 and Nintendo tend to believe that DLC should be Free as it will for NSMBU!


          But I hope for those who want the extra 10 maps for the same price of a whole new game that comes with 14 maps and zombies and single player! get their wish!!!!

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            Cool that's great news I can't wait for this game

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              but this article talks about a Nov 30th release.... dont we get it on the 18th?

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                  Fox_McCloud, us over here in the USA get a half of month playing this game with out the UK hackers.



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                      TheMikeBO wrote:


                      Fox_McCloud, us over here in the USA get a half of month playing this game with out the UK hackers.



                      You are so funny. But moving on, how reliable is this link? And like fishdick says, it doesn't say anything about maps. But if they do sell them, I say let the american OFC members of the clan buy the maps, and us UK members just jump in their games. Their consoles and the game work out alot cheaper than ours, and they're already underpriced, so they'll have a few extra bucks left over anyhow. Aint that right Frank

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                        Yes you get it early with all the problems that come with a COD game ! I tend to find the hacking issue come from USA and Europe! all those little kiddies and sad youths and 20 somethings using codes and hacking web sites!


                        If ya reading try playing the game as it was designed! If you think cheating and hacking is cool I hope you get a reality check in future when some criminal takes your identity or hacks your bank account and cleas you out!


                        Wonder if you think hacking is cool then??????


                        P.s I hope like most there will be some way to report cheats and video can be saved so the game developers can check! I hope that a report button will not be abused and people reported for no reason at all apart from being very good and some kid getting upset as he gets his butt kicked time and time again.

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                            well we have theater now, so we can just forward videos of hackers over to the developers cant we?


                            i will be a bit scared if they have a report button, im a good player, but i've been called a hacker so many times by little kids on BO and MW3. im scared ill get reported for no reason and get banned

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                                I've been called a hacker countless times and i'm only an average player. Even the britts clan keep doing that glitch that freezes the wii because they think we hack. But they just suck so bad. But it doesn't bother me if I get reported, they will know if your machine is modded. What worries me is if they get so many false reports that they stop taking notice, and the real cheats slip through. You need several reports of the same name for them to look at it and do something about it.