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    List your positives about black ops 2

      That is right this thread is devoted to what you like in this new game. Dont come here and whine about quick deaths or lag compensation. List in here the positives to what you have experienced. What weapons seem to work well. Streaks that you like and perks. Share any loadouts you found that work well.


      I put about 2 hours in to the game lastnight. I was skeptical for this game as i did not have a good experience in the orignal blops. So with a grain of salt i popped the game in lastnight and tried it out. Gotta say it plays pretty damn well. Obviously a well formed judgment cannot be made in 2 hours time. But if it plays good out of the box from the start, usually it will play well down the road.


      Positives so far for me:

      Type 25

      grenade damage radius

      2 round domination

      Headquarters game mode.

      lag free ground war....so far


      Post up the positives and leave the hate to another thread please.