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    Please help.

      I cant get pass the activision screen...my ps3 freezes there and yet if I start the game offline it works fine so I re-sign in and it says that the servers are not available does anyone else have this problem?...I have reformat my ps3...I have deleted and install the patch...nothing works...is it my ps3? I have a 80gb the phat one I think is what other calls it

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          The servers are acting funny. I have lagged out of more games that I have played and been logged off a couple times.

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            We are all having all kinds of problems. Don't blame your ps3, this game needs a patch right away.

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              but...is it the servers problem?....because again...when Im sign in I cant get pass the intros....you know the treyarch and activision intro(game freezes and have to force my ps3 to turn itself off) and yet soon as im sign off it works so I go to the multiplayer menu and there I sign in with no problems yet the servers are unavailable...what suck is that Im the only one in my friend list with this problem everyone else is playing and having their fun

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                Greetings Eddyj,


                Please try reseting your router, and attempting connection once more. Also, if you are using a wireless router, try connecting it directly and see if that improves performance.




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                  thank you...I will try that because I even went back to gamestop to get a new Cd...let see if your advice works