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    Black Ops 2 not responding

      So, I just downloaded the multiplayer and I am downloading the campaign now, tried to play multiplayer, opened via steam got a black screen, the game started loading ( I could see the treyarch thing spining and such ) but when it was about to get in I got the not responding error.I really want to play, but now this.Please I need some help


      Picture of the Error.




      My computer specs are


      Windows 7 64 bit

      6 of Ram

      1 dedicated ram to the video card

      Core i7-2q70qm 2.2ghz ( 8 cpus )

      Direct x 11

      Geforece GT 540M  CUDA 1gb


      If someone could help, I would thanks a lot!


      PS.I have only full downloaded the multiplayer, so far!And it is on a ASUS laptop.


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