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    new game same old problems

      they can change how the game looks but cant hide the fact all the same old problems are still there


      1) lag

      2) terrible spawns

      3) objective killwhoring / spawn killing

      4) hit ditection

      5) bad map design


      now i know the game has only been out 2 days but they have had 2 years to get it right you think after black op and mw3 they would have learned but clearly they havent.

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          yet the masses will keep buying it each year.

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            You forgot to mention people that buy the game on release aren't learning either......


            Wait for feedback on new titles.

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              yes mate final nail in the cofin for me i fell for there crap the last few times im not buying another cod game again im mad as hell they copy and paste to much full redesign of the game is needed call of duty after modern warefare 2 are complete jokes i didnt even know what lag was till blackops 1



              killcam is a joke exactly the same as mw3 how can you get the same probz if there is no copy and paste ......


              it wouldnt be so bad if they copy and paste the good bits and leave out the broken bits i want my money back

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                1. Day 1 server load is adjusting, and everyone has lag. Quit ********, the game seriously just launched.


                2. Spawns are really not that bad, it's that the maps are routable so people can get places pretty fast.


                3. Then go play with people who play the objective. This game doesn't suck, your teammates do.


                4. Again, this is because of server load on launch day. Hit detection is fine.


                5. Maps are fine, they're just new so you'll learn them eventually.

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                    spawns are a joke giv me you gt and ill join ya i bet i can spawn lock you within 1 min of play

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                        "Spawn Lock" is not bad spawning. Spawn locking is an inevitable result of pretty much any game where you manipulate the spawning algorithm in your favor.


                        In case you were wondering, they do it on MLG/GB all the time. It's not so much of an issue as to where you can hold a team in a spot and hammer on them.


                        Here's a quick primer on how a spawning algorithm works:


                        If an enemy moves into radius X of map, it lends favor towards the enemy team spawning in a neutral/safe zone so they can successfully continue the game without getting completely reamed (which is fair according to your standard).


                        I don't see the problem here, what I see is you guys are probably lone-wolfing and screwing around in some part of the map the majority of your team isn't in, and because they're pushing the enemy spawn, the enemy ends up spawning closer to you because the algorithm gives them a neutral zone. It's quite simple actually.


                        So, again, realistically you should be upset your team is pressing an enemy's spawn and causing them to spawn in other parts of the map.

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                        Fanboyism at it's finest here people.


                        They didn't fix the problem. Server load won't fix the problem either. It's a fundamental flaw in the game that needs to be dug out and fixed.

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                            perhaps they just cant fix it on current gen consoles.  I'm done with 3arc games. I know IW games are just as bad but atleast they look and sound good.


                            3ark had the chance to learn from cod4,mw2,mw3 and blops and still churned another clone. they could not even improve the graphics, its 2012 why has the game got such crappy graphics, even fps's on the iphone have better grasses

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                              Not a fanboy, just someone who understands how video games are made.


                              Get off your throne of bashing a game that's just been launched. If you think it's that bad, return your copy. We won't miss you.