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    Why is SEARCH AND DESTROY only 100 points per kill. BRING 500 POINTS A KILL BACK?

      On call of duty 4 - WAW - MW2 -MW3 - BO1 on search and destroy for each kill you got 500 points? so why on call of duty BO2 u only get 100 points per kill. this is stupid and needs to be changed. Search and destroy is by far the best game mode and most tactical and if you were a good player it was also good for ranking up and earning alot of score. but now u get the same points for a kill on searh and destroy as you do on tdm headquarters and domination and probably the rest of the game modes. this is wrong because an average game of tdm u get around 20-30 kills another words 2000-3000 XP. an average game of search a good player gets around 8-15 kills which is only 800-1500 XP. which has destroyed the game mode search and destroy. apart form this BO2 is brilliant but this should be sorted as i have played search and destroy on all of the call of dutys. if search and destroy went bck to 500 points per kill the game would be brilliant. PLZ fix this and comment if you think i am right cheers.

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