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      Ok I just go to the LA Misson and I just have no clue what is wrong with this. I'm at the part when I get in the truck and I start plowing through thing on the free way. I get to the part where those 2 police cars and motor cycles take off and I follow behind them. Then after about a couple seconds it says "You have failed to protect the president"


      TO FIX THISI had to go back to the beginning and chose sniper insetead of grapple to get past this part (first issue I had with the game)


      then, about 30 min of gamplay after this where I have to fly the jet and escprt te vehicle that the president is in, I died, and it set me back allll the way back to where you start the LA mission, with the beginning cut scenes and video where the president crashes in the helicopter. T


      Is there supposed to be a checkpoint in between here?


      It is a ridiculious amount of time that i spent playing without having a checkpoint. Not sure if my Xbox is acting up and not creating a checkpoint or saving, or if this is how the game is made.


      Thanks for your help.