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    PS3: Tracking "error " when looking for a session. [Focused Thread]

      Hello all,


      I/We are creating a separate thread for feedback regarding this particular issue. It is not considered the same as the "servers unavailable" situation, but the community is mixing the two. Let's try to undo that keep the streams from crossing. This thread will be focused like the others. Information the developers can use to reproduce this issue is greatly appreciated.


      Disclaimer: Like all other threads we're not asking you to go out of your way to make anything happen. If you run into the issue then please document it.


      Disclaimer: Like all other threads we will remove content that we consider off topic or out of spirit of the thread. We know a fix is wanted. This will hopefully get the developers to that point quicker.



      Use the numbered bullets feature to help explain what happens. Any additional information is appreciated.



      Additional useful information.


      • Any video of this happening.
      • Whether or not you have taken upon yourself to do anything with your PS3.
      • Anything you were doing or were about to do prior to the error.
        • Viewing player cards.
        • Checking messages through XMB.
        • Etc.
      • Your Region
      • Your PS3 type.
      • Your Blu-Ray Code
      • Party Size
      • Game Mode of Choice



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