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      I don't think people enjoy dying every 15 seconds?! I sure don't!!  Why the hell is ghost unobtainable till rank 55???? and why are silencers so hard to get? This game is all about hiding behind a wall, and waiting till you see a red dot! It's a race to see who can get more UAV's called in to win...terrible idea! terrible game play! I've loved every COD game since I started playing COD4, MW1.  Even when everybody else hated World at War and Black Ops...I still enjoyed those games!! THIS GAME SUCKS!!! Allow us the choice to remain off the mini maps if we do so choose.

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          I 100% disagree with you, and I think I know why.


          If you the only FPS you have ever played is CoD, chances are you'll be obsessed with ghost and silencers. If, on the other hand, you have played different FPS games, chances are you'll be annoyed by them.


          I have played Counterstrike on the PC for years, and all you get is your gun/grenades and a radar. To me, this is a real FPS as you actually need skill and a strategy. In my opinion, having ghost and being able to just sit in a corner for 3 hours is just ridiculous. Silencers also, hiding behind those is a further demonstration of the lack of thinking needed, as your firing will give away your position on the radar.


          My suggestion, go try other FPS games and see what it is like to actually need to think on your feet, rather than holding down fire and pushing forward whilst having ghost and a silencer on.


          Overall I am VERY pleased they have removed ghost until so late in the game, as its now forcing players to use an element of skill for a change

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              I understand your dislike of people sitting in corners with the old ghost. Was quite annoying.


              What I want to know though, is why the hell ghost is level 55 perk. Every player has spyplane when they start playing but you cant hit from them till max level? how did that make any sense?


              The new Ghost (hides you only when moving) is an amazing fix imo to the perk, but we should not have to wait till max level of the prestige to get it.


              I can also tell you that with this experience of leveling up without ghost and having to constanyl broatcast my position to everyone, that I will most likely not be prestiging at all in this game. It is far to painful to play with everyone seeing me on the map. Try and flank someone and they just turn and wait around a corner as you come around.


              Make Ghost require a much lower level so that the leveling process is not a complete pain in the ass for players who dont want to quick fast paced games with sub machine guns.


              Yes I have been playing FPS since 2000. Have played CS, Halo, unreal and COD and still feel that way.


              If you want a game where EVERYONE is on the map all the time, go play those games. IMO, there is no reason to make COD into those games when cod has been hugely successful without being those games.

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                  Thanks for the reply and your thoughts. Please see my reply below.


                  My main comparison was the 5v5 competitive side of CS, not the public. As I said, I'm missing those days when the game had that sort of activity, it just doesn't exist anymore and I'm trying to find a replacement :(

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                    When u prestige u get a prestige token, u can unlock Ghost to start with ghost at level 1 on ur next prestige.  I agree making ghost only work if ur moving is perfect fix.

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                    tree...i disagree with you...i dont think there is an element of skill involved when everyone hides the entire time.


                    on previous COD's i enjoyed running around and killing people, sneaking up behind them when they were "camping", running through the middle of the map to cut off another guy that i saw running from a distance....


                    now...every one hides behind cars, barrels, windows, etc....nobody is running around, until that UAV comes out, and the other team is then screwed...


                    but hey, we can agree to disagree on what we consider being skilled...it's hard to have skill when a UAV gets called in and 3 or 4 people bum rush you like a wal-mart on black friday.


                    with getting silencers difficult too, I only can kill one or 2 guys, and then constantly killed just trying to reload...


                    they've done some cool things, but i cant enjoy the game enough to even make it worth it

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                        Thanks for your reply and thoughts, some good points there.


                        I suppose it boils down to experience and preference; as I said, I'm more of a CS guy, so I prefer the skill element that comes from playing that competitively at a  high level for years, where a 5v5 bomb plant (rather like search and destroy) is the only game mode available.


                        I would never doubt that CoD requires some skill, but unfortunately experience shows that people like to hide with ghost, and I find this rather annoying. I appreciate your point about moving around with it on, but I have seen very few people adopt this style. Furthermore, I also appreciate your view that it is rather unfair to make ghost a high level yet a spy plane readily available...and I would agree!


                        I do enjoy the game, but maybe I'm just trying to relive the days of Counterstrike (which rather ironically has turned more CoD-like!) and the competitive side of the game. For the record I never enjoyed the public gaming on CS either!

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                          It's so easy to kill enemy UAV or you can run Counter UAV. You don't NEED Ghost to counter enemy's UAV. So far I have no problem with enemies running UAV. There's delay on the red dot too, it's not like they have blackbird up all the time.


                          I think you just need to be better at the game.

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                        Yes, gameplay sucks. Remove all scorestreaks and stupid red dot tags. This game is unplayable with this.

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                          because all the whiners from the black ops made it this way !

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                            LOL stop being a NOOB/ Camer and join the fight.... then you can level up and unlock the stuff you want.... this game is fast passed I LOVE IT.... they just need to fix the server issues lol *** NOTHING ELSE***

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                                the only noobs are the ones who need a giant box with red dots to handhold them into kills. Can we get rid of the ******* radar altogether? Putting aside the fact that it's essentially magic in a pseudo-realistic game it's infuriating how much this **** caters to morons. Make people actually LOOK for enemies, Make them make smart decisions as to where they go, and have to actually THINK about where their allies are as opposed to just knowing both teams positions. Everyone just plays the wait and see game, wondering when the other red dot is going to start walking towards them and giving away their position. Call of duty nevers fails to eliminate any kind of skill gap. Let all the idiots feel equal. If you think skill and strategy are involved with the radar you're a moron. Ghost doesn't promote camping, it promotes wandering. With the radar anyone with a brain is too scared to change positions because everyone just knows where you ******* are.

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                                    You've got morons and you've got people with no critical cognition skills. The morons ... dude, you're wasting your breath. They will never get it. The pukes with no critical cognition skills are too stupid to realize that when you need to cross a map to take out a sniper or camper by flanking him, you have to make stops along the way. You may need to reload, you may need to call in a kill streak, you may need to ambush an approaching headless chicken, you may need to wait for your opponents to be distracted so you can cross wide, open spaces. It isn't about camping, it's about paying attention to the entire battlefield and taking kills when you can score a quick kill and keep moving.


                                    I haven't played any COD in a week or so, but for the last couple of weeks before BO2 came out, camping in MW3 had become absolutely ridiculous ... but I also managed to pull off some of my highest kill counts, highest kdr's, and most MOABs ever during that time. Why? Because most campers are just not that attentive to their surroundings. They look down a single alley and at the mini-map and that's it.


                                    Now it looks like flanking is going to be a real chore.


                                    In any case, let me ask you this question ... it will help me lean further toward buying this game after all ...


                                    Would working a 2 or 3 man penetration team make it easier to flank? One man moves forward for 2 to 3 seconds, holds ground while the next man moves up until he holds ground for 2 to 3 seconds, etc, etc.


                                    Run with the Stalker equivalent, remain ADS, scan your forward. Your position holder is the rear flank watcher. That way the next guy moving up is looking ahead and you watch his six.


                                    I was tinkering with this concept in MW3 a couple weeks ago and was having a blast. I've used this tactic in previous CODs to much success, as well. It takes discipline to do, but it works well.


                                    Do you think this would help overcome the stealth issue?

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                                        If you mean having a party of 3 to 4 guys on your side and "working like a team" would definitely give you the take down. So for all you solo player's having trouble, play a game with people communicating through either voice or knows what's going on. Sadly I've failed this idea to myself due to my experience in Bobs Duse as one man army. People are still trying to be a one man army but teamwork bets the hell out of lone wolves. Trust me, I've got my rear end kicked hard by clan's, people who listen to "Enemies by the....",or use a mic. So, yeah nuttin2say is right that teamwork will sole the issue. Otherwise stick with a silencer an do free for all man. Cod has finally reached to the point of a real fps game view in pc and console for now. Welcome to the FPS experience train filled with flying bullets and grenade indicators. 

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                                      If you are constantly running the crap players will run straight into you, because they think you are somewhere else...Use the opponents UAV to your advantage...

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                                      Do as I do and use a missile as your secondary weapon. Every time you hear 'enemy UAV incoming' swap weapons and get some easy points.

                                      I was lagging like a ***** the first day I went on, and they were the only things I could shoot and kill with any confidence of not 1 hit dying in a 1 on 1 situation.



                                      B1tch is classed as a swear word!!!!!!! Flip me.


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