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    Black Ops 2 "has stopped working"

      So I got the game and quickly installed it, I installed all 3 (singleplayer, multiplayer, and zombies). And when I run it on steam all it does is crashes I don't even go to like the first screen of the game. A window just pops up saying "Black Ops II has stopped working".


      I have:


      installed latest drivers

      installed NVIDIA beta driver

      verified cache integrity

      turn off other programs



      also when i run the .exe from the common folder on steam it tells me this : "The procedure entry point CreateDXGIFatory1 could not be located in the dynamic link library dxgi.dll"


      I don't know what that means, Can anyone tell me a solution to this problem?? Thank you.


      I did try calling activision but they are useless they don't pick up and the live chat takes forever. I have been waiting for 5 hours for an available agent and then at the end it just tells me no one is available. Man this just ruined the game for me.

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          I googled CreateDXGIFatory1 and ran into a thread about another app crashing if you didn't have a Windows update that comes with Vista SP2. Try updating Windows.

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              FIX: i found a fix myself! the game is corrupt, that is why its not working and just reinstalling the multiplayer aspects will not fix it! NOTE* YOU NEED TO INSTALL ALL OF THE GAME (YOU NEED TO REINSTALL ALL 20GBS I THINK) SO YALL BLACK OPS 2 MP SP AND ZOMBIES! THEN YOU CAN PLAY!


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              Do a system restore to the nearest date when it is still working. System restore fixed everything for me, and it only takes less than a hour. I am taking a nap and left it there to run, when i am back, it is all ready.


              Another possible solution, is to disable the "Enable Steam Synchronization" (Right click game> Updates> Untick Enable Steam Sync)  for all of your downloaded Black Ops 2 games (MP, ZM, SP).


              Then uninstall all of it, try using ccleaner to remove the remaining registry, you can skip this but i recommend doing it or restarting your computer before uninstalling all the games. Also, check your Steam folder to make sure that there shouldn't be game files in it.


              Good luck, and Happy New Year !



              Black Jack