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    Why soo many campers and QSers?

      Hey guys, this is not just a rage post. lol.


      First of all i think this game is bloody amazing! yes there are problems but its only just come out so these can be fixed


      my main game mode in MW3 was domination and was really good but there was a downside to that.. QSers and campers!.. and all this talk about BO2 making it harder to camp due to the perks and snipers unable to QS got me thinking YES! finally a good game is coming out


      went into my first game of domination on BO2 on release after i got back from work, and i do think splitting the game in half is the BEST idea EVER!!

      BUT... every single map has a view point from A to B or C to B where you get ppl camping in bloody corners with a sniper.. completely ignoring the objective.. i'm getting fed up of how ppl come into these obj game modes just to boost their KDR and completely killwhore...


      QSing is easy as crap on this game just as it was on MW3... BO1 Qsing was hard and that meant it was an achievment to kill someone not just an everyday thing..


      I'm sure im not the only one thinking this? surley there has got to be something to stop ppl from sitting in corners and QSing in OBJ game modes..


      Your thoughts.. no trolls pls.