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    Vonderhaar thinks footsteps were TOO LOUD ON BO1

      David Vonderhaar said on Reddit yesterday that he thought the footsteps were too loud on BO1 so it was toned down on BO2. I want your opinions, guys. I say they need to amplify it on the first title update.


      http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/137duw/i_am_m_shadows_lead_singer_of_aveng ed_sevenfold/c71g3vx



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      For David.

      Hey David, thanks for doing this AMA! I have a few questions

      1.) Do you have any plans on putting Nuketown 2025 in the core match rotations instead of just being in it's own playlist?

      2.) Are there any guns that people are already complaining about how "overpowered" they are?

      3.) A lot of people (on this /r/blackops2 at least) are having problems where we seem to be shooting guys with plenty of time to kill them, but then they whip around and kill us in a fraction of a second. Woody's Gamertag even released a video talking about how he was having some bad luck with lag compensation. Is there any plans to patch this or is it something we just have to deal with? I don't think it's hard to deal with, you just mess with search preferences and put it to "best" instead of "normal". But it'd be nice if there was a patch.

      4.) Why were footstep sounds decreased significantly? Was it so that people had to use the awareness perk to get that advantage or to cut back on people "sound whoring"?

      5.) You're the best CoD dev ever, I love how much you support the game and listen to the community. Most of all, I love how much DIFFERENT Black Ops 2 feels than other CoDs. I realize this isn't a question, just wanted to say it.



      [–]davidvonderhaarDavid Vonderhaar (EA) 91 points 13 hours ago

      1. Not right now. I would never say never.
      2. Too early to tell. I see people fighting over the "best" - that's fine with me.
      3. We are monitoring. Nothing yet. I've been mostly 3 and 4 bar with no issues.
      4. They are certainly cut back from Black Ops as a percentage of the mix. It's always seemed to me that they were overly loud. Personal opinion only.
      5. Thank you. That's very generous.



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          Re: Vonderhaar thinks footsteps were TOO LOUD ON BO1

          I don't remember how loud the footsteps where, though I do know at times they were honestly pretty loud...Didn't they actually patch them to make them louder? Swear they did that in one game as people compained they were to low.


          Regardless, I can hear footsteps but I don't play SND so its not a biggie if I do or not.


          Search people just might have to fight a little harder.

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            Re: Vonderhaar thinks footsteps were TOO LOUD ON BO1

            There's a difference between making them harder to hear, and not being able to hear them at all.
            Which they are right now.
            I hope to God they boost the sound.

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              Re: Vonderhaar thinks footsteps were TOO LOUD ON BO1

              When I try to picture how this game came about, I can only think of a back room at Treyarch studios where the developers went to smoke their "medicinal" marijuana.  The room, completely filled with smoke, must have been the breeding ground for the changes they made. 


              With his eyes completely glassed over, Dev #1 said, "Man, I've got it.  Let's make it so Ghost only works when you're moving.  You know, things in nature move... like it's natural".  Dev #2 put down his doritos and said, "Sweeeeet.  Another thing.  Let's get rid of footsteps.  So loud man, I mean, I can't concentrate with all that noise". 

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                Re: Vonderhaar thinks footsteps were TOO LOUD ON BO1

                I hope he means that "your own footsteps were too loud" in BO1. With out Ninja in BO1 it sounds like you're running around in High-Heels!

                @Benocide I don't think this is going to change at all, they are going to do the same thing that they did with MW3!

                I met David and the whole DEV Team at the mid-night release in Hollywood.

                I talked to all of them for quite awhile.

                I asked them tons of questions about BO2 and asked what they thought of MW3.

                When I brought up Lag Comp they all act kinda awkard about it, like they want to talk but they can't.

                David was just acting like, "WTH is Lag Comp, it can't possibly exist".

                To be honest he is one rude/snobby dude.

                Took a few pictures and got a few posters signed by all of them and left pretty confused/annoyed.

                Hahaha even met "Woods"!

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                  Re: Vonderhaar thinks footsteps were TOO LOUD ON BO1

                  When they dissolved ghost they sprinkled some of the magic residue on the boots. Plus Nike won the contract to make the boots. Dont worry, they will add a tap dance perk next time.

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                    Re: Vonderhaar thinks footsteps were TOO LOUD ON BO1

                    You can not hear the enemy's footsteps. Your own footsteps however are extremely loud. Also you can't hear the enemy knifing at you. It is hilarious watching your own killcams of an enemy running behind you swinging his knife 3-4 times before he kills and you realizing you couldn't hear a single thing. I have tried multiple things to hear the footsteps including using the "Headset" sound mix and the Treyarch sound mix and turning SFX all the way up. I haven't seen anyone complaining about how you can not hear them swinging a knife at you from 1 foot away yet, but its there. If Vonderhaar already thinks the footsteps sound fine then I can only imagine even if he does decide to turn them up hes going to barely turn them up. I thought the footsteps were perfectly balanced in Modern Warfare 3 and I hope he turns up the footsteps closer to that level. On a side note I can hear an enemy shooting a silenced weapon from across the map and since its a loud distinct sound I can tell they are using a silencer. Even using a silencer it sounds more like they just used a different sound effect for the gun shots than actually making it "silenced" my own gun has the exact same volume level through my headset.

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                        Re: Vonderhaar thinks footsteps were TOO LOUD ON BO1

                        A lot of serious CoD players use headsets because it gives them an advantage.  A lot of serious CoD players spend money and time making sure their connection is optimized for the best possible performance.  So I guess DV and Treyarch don't want to cater to the serious players.  (You know, the ones who buy the strat guides, limeted editions, Elite, map packs, etc.)


                        Instead they seem to be saying, "Let's limit the advantages people can have and boost up the perfromance of casual players so our long time fans who supported us won't get to enjoy the game as much as they have enjoyed previous versions."


                        To deny their is a lag problem is a joke.  I looked at my last six games Tuesday night.  I think it was 103 kills and 42 deaths.  I posted in forums that the game seemed to be playing great.  Last 6 games Wednesday night?  I barely broke even.  Even when I was blessed with a 3-bar connection the game was unplayable.  Is my only option to ditch my friends and play by myself, praying I get matched up with people less than 3,000 miles away?  Yeah, I suppose Xbox Live was never billed as a great way to socialize and play with anyone from anywhere.

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                        Re: Vonderhaar thinks footsteps were TOO LOUD ON BO1

                        So the footstep sound levels as they are, were intended. Though putting useless dead silence and awareness perks in this game makes no sense whatsoever. It makes it seem like Dave is deliberately messing with the heads of half the gaming community.  COD thinks its going to monopolize the FPS genre forever. It's decisions like this that burn fan loyalty. It's in a more vulnerable market position than it realizes. The bigger they are the harder they fall.

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