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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 crashes my computer when trying to install Directx 9.0c.

      I installed Black ops 2 from cd to my computer. When i press play from steam it installs Microsoft Visual (1/2) then DirectX for windows (2/2) when the directx is installing suddenly my computer freezes and starts over again. I tried to play zombies and multiplayer of black ops 2 but same thing. I hope this will be soon fixed or pathced because i've been waiting this game so long...

      some of computer specs: amd vx- processor 3.2 Ghz 4 core. amd radeon graphics and lots of RAM. Runs black ops 1 solid 140 fps or even better.

      I taked a look to game files of black ops 2 and i saw that Microsoft visual was in app form, but DirectX was just normal file. I i think that is the problem