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    Normally behind, rarely ahead, but am I ever the same?

      Between this + MW3 I've forgotten what a normal connection was like.


      It was a dom match on raid, a map that I normal do God aweful on lol, in which I went 34-8 with my shotgun. I had a few nice moments in which triple/quad feed that felt great. Something that has been rare for me in this game , but then again, I do mostly use shotguns lol.


      Halfway through the match I was thinking 'wow, I'm winning a lot of gun battles here instead of being instant killed - this must be what the game feels like when the connection is balanced'. Less than a second later I realised no, this must be what the 'good' side of lag comp feels like. During the 2nd half of the match I now didn't get any enjoyment from going on a shotgun spree. Didn't feel fairly earned (I realise this is COD + fairness goes out the window ).


      A host-migration at the start of the next match caused probably the worst online experience I've had this year - screen freezing on multiple occassions at the beginning of a gun fight, only to start playing normally during my killcam .


      With a year of MW3 + now this (I left BO1 early as I prefered MW2's connection in the long run) I've been on the 'bad' side of lag comp about 98% of time. Whatever they have changed between MW2 to BO, it's gotten to the point now were I wouldn't know the difference between a connection in which I'm a fraction of a second ahead of everyone else, and a fair/balanced one ( the way it's supposed to be)


      PS. Why  are all the maps some tiny in COD now. Are open areas in maps like Overgrown, Derail and Wasteland gone forever, nevermind the size?

      Wouldn't larger maps help with the spawns?