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    So what ya think of BO2

      Have to say, for what little I have been able to play, not that I didnt have the time.


      Apart from the connection issues/ PS3 freezes, how are people finding the actual game?


      For me this will prob be my last game, I was hoping for something different. Gamemodes, challenges more than one throwing axe/knife, totally new weapons


      I was looking for a new element to the game to make it fresh, and so far with the small maps and not that many of them really.


      I know its a bit early to pick on these things.


      But is this game really any different? MW3 + BO = BO2 same problems from both.


      Just in case you think im hating.. the following I do like about the same.


      1. Shock Chargers
      2. Hunter Killer
      3. The Acog Scope types
      4. The fact you can enter a game with just a knife (just to see how well you get on)
      5. That in League you can chose any weapon for your class (they dont have to be unlocked)
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          Re: So what ya think of BO2

          To be honest if anyone else made FPS games, I would chose them, but since COD and BF are our only options...


          Wish the devs of Dark Souls/Demon Souls, Shadow of the Collo/ICO/The Last Guardian, Dragons Dogma and Elder Scrolls series would make FPS games. Then which retard would be buying COD and BF ??

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              Re: So what ya think of BO2

              There is alot I like about the game for example the maps are a lot better than previous games and it looks like they at least tried to balance the guns and equipment.  However, the lag and connection issues are embarassing... maybe i've just been spoiled by BF3 as all CoDs are like this but seriously the biggest entertainment release in history and after 5 years they can't fix connection and lag issues? something is seriously wrong either with activision, treyarch or their server provider

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              Re: So what ya think of BO2

              Piece of crap!

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                Re: So what ya think of BO2

                It's awesome. I'm just having an absolute horrible time adjusting to the game. Not sure why since I played black ops within the past month before black ops 2 came out. I suck at this game right now. Add on it freezing a lot and I'm having a bad first impression of game.

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