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    CoD Elite Freeze?

      I started up my PS3 Elite App and it froze my PS3... Think there maybe some connection between the info sent to the App from the game making it freeze up?

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          It's happenning to me as well. I wonder whats wrong.

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            What a joke ELITE is. It was messed up in MW3. Prior to the release of BLOPS 2, it was messed up since they were adding in all those new "features" for BLOPS 2. NOW, it doesn't even work at all on my PS3. Even the website is giving incorrect information as usual. Activision must have some of the worst web developers on the planet if they can't even get a website right after 2 years.

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                ELITE has yet to work for me since I purchased Black Ops II. WTF mate????? Freezes my ps3 every time. I just tried deleting the app and reinstalling. Same issue every time for how many months now??? 2 months???? Come on now... Freezes the whole system? This is sorry for a game that I paid $60 for.

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                Thanks for posting about this. I'll forward it so they can take a look at it. 


                Be sure to Contact Support too. Hang in there guys.


                Here is the support link also, always helps to file a ticket with them and check the Knowledge Base too Support for Black Ops 2 Hub


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                    I tried reporting it also not working on a browser to support and they asked me what browser and I said FireFox.  They said try IE, so I did with no change.  They said try Chrome and I said no, I don't agree with their privcacy policy.  They closed the tickets stating "customer refused the fix offered."


                    I re-opemed and bitched since the app did not work with the two most popular browsers in the world and installed Chrome.  Elite still did not work of course, so I uninstalled Chrome and asked support if I should buy a Mac and try Thunderbird so they don't say I ignored their fix again.  

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                        You install the cod elite app on ps3 via ps store download.  Then run game not the app. In game it says elite in multi menu and that's what u installed.  BUT on pc all u need the elite site for is like forums and browsing stuff.

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                      i am having the same issue, i try to start the elite application and it freezes my ps3 every time at the elite skull. i have tryed re-installing severale times nothing...

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                        Same here in the midwest, US. I just don't use it. I even tried getting rid of the Elite save data and restart the app, still froze my 3 year old PS3 slim. Otherwise, I don't have any problems with it. Should we delete the app and reinstall it JeepChick?!?! I know, contact support. I've already made a discussion on Elite issues a while ago and I simply don't have time to talk to a person reading from a screen. That doesn't get you anywhere.

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                          Act-with-no-vision does not care about ps3 consoles. The elite app will never work, delete it and move on.

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                            Go to setting

                            The system setting

                            Turn hdmi control off

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                              Its still messed up but it got me pasted the freezing part

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                                It is called an "APP" not a game or video!!  It is designed to link Elite in game to the Internet, it is NOT designed to be a standalone feature, which they never said it was! Go run black ops 2, go to multiplayer menu (public game, custom game, barracks, options etc) in there is the "Elite" app you just linked.  Sign in, let it load and your in that elite app u just installed! ..I hope this was helpful enough!

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                                  I have had Elite App freeze my PS3 twice - seems to happen when first entering the App - if you are impatient and try to move the selected section while its still saying "please wait".


                                  Enter the App and wait a few seconds until it fully finishs loading.


                                  Thats my take on it anyway.

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                                    sylargray is correct guys it has to be started from the BO2 Multiplayer menu, in the game. IDK why they changed it it worked just fine before as stand-alone but now it only work from in the game (idk if it's accessible if you don't have BO2) It's still not perfect, it can't retrieve the data for my main game summary but everything else seems to work fine. Enjoy!