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    The curious case of my ps3 & blops2

      Ok so I got my game at the midnight launch party I promptly come home pop my disc in download all the dlc install the update and hop in a lobby after a few seconds I am disconnected and unable to connect to the servers again(error servers unavailable)

      I take all the normal steps

      Delete update/dlc/textures reinstall etc.

      after checking forums I see to try a new account

      So I try my wife's and uk account and I make a brand new account just for this

      No luck none of them get past the log in screen

      So I think maybe faulty disc I return my disc to best buy for a new one only to have the same problem

      So now I think maybe my ps3 is toast but I can still load other games fine

      Maybe my hard drive? I put a new hard drive in fresh format and I quickly try my main account but no dice

      So I load up the new account I just made and viola it now loads into multiplayer just fine but my main account doesn't

      I put my old hard drive in and try connect using the new account but it now doesn't load

      So I format the new drive and enter my new account as the main ps3 account and now it can't connect and neither will my old account



      I tried to contact customer support a few hours after launch and I finally get a reply last night just after I left for work but it seems he was busy so he resolved my case before I even got home


      A side note my ps3 freezes if I'm signed in while any loading screen comes up


      Tl;dr wahhh