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    Breaking Dawn pt2 along with this game

      I left Halo years ago for this series because honestly, it was better. People died when you shot them, the maps were huge and the kill streaks were so much fun. I would say I turned into what the tweens here would call a COD fanboy.  I have played all of the CODs from the beginning, but Black Ops 1 was probably my least favorite. It looked kinda cartoony compared to the rest, but the guns looked kinda cool. WAW is still my favorite COD to date, so I keep believing that 3arch has the capability. I was very disappointed that they made a sequel to BOPS because as I said the first one felt lazy to me. Placing it in the future was a horrible mistake as if I wanted to do that I'd go back to Halo.


      All of that said, there is something completely wrong with this game. I wont stand here and pretend to know about all of the different things that go into making a game work properly. I can tell you that people arent dying when I shoot them in the back, and that I'm not even  seeing people 10 ft in front of me in gun battles, even when Im not the host. I dont know what to chalk this up to, but I can tell you this is the first time Ive ever experienced anything like this in all of the CODs and it doesnt have you all excited to get home from work to play.  If I wasnt leading a clan, I would have dumped this POS already but I feel responsible. The thing is, all 22 members hate this game too. Of the 22 people Im lucky if  6 of them will even play this 3 days after launch.


      So know, "Cool story Bro", and every other tween catch phrase<insert here>   but if I can ver go back and wonder what happened to my favorite series ever I will look back to this heap  and think - who tested this and thought OMG this is awesome!