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    The Ballad of Ninja Cable

      I decided to document my dolphin dive into Black Ops2 on my "clan" website. Here's what I have so far, as of the morning of 11/16.

      Please note: I have the family plan, which means I have an extra GT I use to remain anonymous. I began play with that GT in order to see how bad the learning curve would be before using my regular Cable 99 GT. Also, Day One is actually the time spent playing immediatley after returning home from the midnight release. Day Two is after I got some much needed sleep-with each day after representing a full 24 hour cycle.


      One further note: Save your opinions about noob tubes. I had 6900 tube kills in BOps1 and about 15,000 in MW3. I LIKE things that blow up. Everyone has their own style-that's mine. Love it or lump it, but don't waste your time criticizing my personal choice. I bought my copy of the game-you didn't.


      Day One- Fugged around with the menus until I figured out how to lock in Multiplayer as my default load. Created a cool emblem out of the word "Elite". Looked up-discovered it was 1AM. Time to roll! Jumped into HC TDM. Got my ass shot off 17 times. Managed to frag some goof and shoot two others. Contemplated MOH Warfighter as an alternative to throwing my controller through the tv. Opted to try again.


      Lo and behold! Easily shot a 1.89 k/d. Host migrated-went 5 and 12 the next game. WTF?

      Finally had a few good games in a row-made level 5(and 4, all in the same round) and began Create a Class. Heh, heh, heh. Is that MTAR the same as my old friend, the TAR-21? It certainly seems to be. Locked in an MP-7 as well and something called a PDW. One round with each-yeehaa! The MTAR is what I thought! Decided that the game needed more than 4 maps, though, which is all I had seen. Be careful what you wish for....


      After playing Plaza and Aircraft Carrier too many times(and trying all of my new guns) I began to mentally wish for something other than the 4 maps I kept encountering. **** me. Next map is some place in Yemen called Turbine. And I'm the lowest level player in the room by 10 freaking levels! What a way to learn a new level.


      Curious after my recent drubbing, I bop into Core Kill Confirm on a map named Raid. I post a 4.0 K/d with 22 tags gathered. Without any thought for the souls I have just crushed, I gloat my evil heart out. Yeah, karma is a *****. Can you say 1-19 with 5 tags? I decide to return to HC TDM, tail between my legs.


      I repeat this pattern, learning what works and what doesn't (mostly what doesn't) until I realize its 5am. Off to bed-I have to get the oldest to school at 8am....


      Day Two- Bounced (fell) out of bed at 7:45, got the oldest to school and youngest to the babysitter. On to HC TDM! And the first map of the day is..........Plaza! (insert Bronx cheer here). Oh, well, at least I started the day with a positive score. being completely ninja from my Live fans I run through a number of rounds in virtual silence, posting a variety of scores both good and bad all morning. Then, suddenly, it happens.


      Out of sheer boredom, I unlock a pistol that claims to have a 3 round burst and add it to my virtually useless shotgun class. For laughs, I go into the Raid map and switch to it immediately. I'm having a blast, roaming around delivering little bursts of fire into everything that moves. Somewhere along the line, I actually get my 3rd scorestreak for the first time. When the smoke settles and the little awards post it shows that out of 12 kills, 11 were headshots! I almost fall out of my chair...


      Gleefully grasping my new toy, I jump into the next round preparing to own and p'own. You can imagine my distress when I discovered this pistol has range-very LIMITED range. Back to the drawing board, tail between my legs(a pose BOps2 is making me very familiar with.) *sigh*


      Lunchtime rolls around, the wife comes home and we go to a parent-teacher conference. More COD time foolishly wasted. I manage to squeeze out an hour of play around 3pm and I discover something. This is the worst time for me, as a West Coaster, to play, apparently. every single game has 3, 4, 5 people with substandard connections. Frustration sets in.My already pathetic w/L ratio continues to nose dive...so I do what any sensible, adult-type person would do. As the boys return home, I begin to drink.


      After the usual nighttime chaos that I like to call "dinner and a bath", the children are off to bed. I hunker down for some more play time. I start out in HC TDM, but after a while I take a crack at HC CTF, some more Kill Confirm, Ground War and even Nuketown 2025. By the time my eyes have taken on a bloody red cast, I've determined that CTF and Nuketown are easy ways to rack up points/experience.  Curious about the repeated comments of my old pal, Weedy, I equip and try out a Swat rifle late in the evening. Bliss! I unleash my first Hellstorm missile strike along the way.I also manage to donate a lightning strike, a Dragon quadrotor, several UAVs and an RC car to the opposing teams. Before heading for bed, I un-equip the Care Package scorestreak in favor of some other one. Too bleary to care what it is that I've chosen, I crash out. My progress so far? A lowly level 26. And I STILL haven't gotten my MTAR to Level 16 to unlock my noob tubes. "Well," I think as I drift off to sleep, "There's always tomorrow."


      Day Three- After sending the chilluns to bed I got down to some HC TDM. Loving the selector switch, btw. Decided to do some "area control" aka camping. Posted 3 good k/d % in a row. Got into a Core KC match and came in at the 1/2 way point. Ended up #2 overall. Loving it. Tried CTF-dammit, you HAVE to have a team you trust or forget it. Tried Multi-team, and it seemed cool. Ran Hardpoint and got Turbine-WTF? Are you kidding me?

      Learned that shock spikes are the perfect tripwire early warning system. Got into a Kill Confirm game and literally couldn't get hit markers. Managed to scrape a .83 K/d-and reached L16 with my MTAR.


      Next round, got a 1.83 K/D. Noob tubes changing the game! Tried a HC TDM-2.11 K/D and my very own hate mail from some dude on the other team. Told him he should suck the yolk out of a hard boiled egg w/out breaking the skin-cause that's about what it felt like earning the damn tubes...


      8 hrs of sleep in 2 days caught up with me at this point(the Sam Adams Chocolate Boch had NOTHING to do with it!) so I opted to catch a few ZZZZZZZZssss. But not before notifying certain select players that Cable was making his Grand Debut at 9 pm PST tonight-at level 1-and could they please act as my Support Group during this trying time?. It was time for my ninja GT to sit back and watch a pro...


      Day 4- After running on an alternative GT since Monday night, I finally felt a little confidence about the game and opted to run my Cable 99 GT. I'd sent messages out to put together a team and, sure as sin, there was one waiting when I signed in.


      We were playing HC TDM. Things went poorly at first, with me losing the first two games I played with my team. However, I made a crucial discovery-the Type 25 is far superior to the MTAR. You can run faster, get less kick, and, at close range, use less bullets to kill someone. Knowing it would take me a long time to unlock rifle grenades, I refused to use any other gun. I was going to speed the process up as much as possible.


      We went on a winning run after the first couple of games and I even logged a 26-9, possibly the best score I've had thus far in this game. Then, during a run on Plaza, I noticed something interesting. We were dismantling a team quite handily when one of my teammates got a double TK and was booted. An enemy that I had cheerfully fried 3-4 times came charging at me and I dumped a clip into him without any effect. He actually crossed the open space and stabbed me as I frantically reloaded. Within moments, my entire team was protesting the negative effects of their fire. Hit markers weren't happening, or they happened without any kills to follow, enemies were suddenly moving faster than us, etc. All because of one guy getting booted. We won, but what had been methodical and easy became a struggle to the finish.


      After the team quit I wandered around, putting the fear of Cable into greenies hearts. (Yeah, right. One team asked me to actually LEAVE after one abysmal performance.) I mixed up the game modes and found that, no matter how bad the connection, I could still eke out a decent score in Kill Confirm so I settled into that for the remainder of the night. The end result? Level 20, with my Type 25 at level 11. I was on a much faster pace to my noob tubes than I'd been with my ninja GT and the MTAR...

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