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    Here's something for the struggling average players.

           Hows it going, basically I'm going to talk about a few tips and tricks that might work for the average Joe that might help you boost up your K/D. First off let my say that I am by no means an above average player. In MW3 I have an average K/D of 1.60 and starting this game I had a 1.0, however I have adapted my playing to fit this game. After about a day of the new style I have a 1.40 K/D. Please keep in mind that I am by no means a grammar expert, so please overlook any errors.


           The first thing I've noticed about the game is there is hardly ever just one opponent around. It seemed like every time I got one kill, someone would pop out of the wood work and take me out. I have since then adapted the play style of Captain Jack Sparrow, and that is to run to fight another day. You have to protect your scorestreak, therefore once you get your kill just run and hide for a few seconds. I have found out that it not only prevents me from getting killed by the friend, but forces them to expose themselves giving me that second kill.


           Related to the first strategy, run in pairs. When playing with friends just stick close to one and get those assist or clean up after him. This game isn't completely about kills, take your time and use the points to the fullest.


           As you may have noticed, ghost isn't around much in this game, therefore making the uav a very good friend or a powerful enemy. I carry a either one of the anti-air launchers with me on half my classes. Not only does it protect your where abouts, but it gives you 75 points almost equal to a kill. Run demolition which spots enemy equipment, taking them out is a easy 50 points. I've said it once and I’ll say it again, every point counts.


           Don't camp! Trust me, after getting destroyed game after game, I tried camping and did even worst. With that being said, I’ve found that the best thing to do is to play slow, taking a strong hold for about 10 to 15 seconds then moving on. The opponent wont know exactly where you are, you get the run and gun experience moving from strong hold to strong hold and your playing smart.


           Have fun, the more serious i take this game the worst I do, just relax and enjoy. Hope some of this has been of help, if not then I’ve only wasted three minutes of your life.

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          Kind of makes you wonder..They designed this game to prevent people from camping, but yet the designed almost all the maps to be camper friendly? Go figure.

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            IMO the Toughness perk is a must for this game. Makes alot of gun fights winnable.

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              Great post devidog, totally agree. This game forces totally different play tactics for me. Could I add


              1. Stay mobile

              2. Cover is critical


              I find staying mobile, sprinting to cover, taking a kill, then sprinting to cover for the next engagement works very well in non objective games like TDM or KC.

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                Good post Devidog. Nice to see someone adapting rather than complaining.


                I have been having a good degree of success with this game thus far. It seems to suit my playstyle and I have taken to it quite well. Been going positive in most of my matches, win/loss record is still dodgy as my teams have been up and down. You bring up some good points. This isn't the sit and wait/selfish game we had gotten used to with previous titles. You have to be on your toes and work with teammates or you are going to have a rough time. I doubt I will be lone-wolfing a lot on this game, as it is too unpredictable as to how your teammates are going to be.



                I have found that it is critical to be aware of your surroundings, completely. There are a lot of doorways and alleyways, so you have to be careful of putting your back to any of those. Map Knowledge is critical. Strafe around your corners. I have found that this gives an advantage against sitters. A lot of times you can take them by surprise and take them out before they can return fire.


                We all know the spawns can be wonky, but if you work within a team framework you can control them. The moment everyone scatters, you are going to be shot in the back.


                I agree it seems best to move cover to cover between engagements.Campers are very easy to find in this game. I love ticking off the folks laying in corners or head glitching in windows by simply knowing the map and where people are likely to be.


                Been having a lot of fun with the game thus far. Nice to read something positive on here, getting rare.

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                  Adding on to what I've already said, I have been finding out that it's better for you to stick to a few guns and level them up before moving onto the next weapon. This goes against everything that I am normally about as in the past games I would switch up my weapons consistently. The weapon attachments can give you a great advantage. The fal for example is a powerful weapon, but once you unlock the switch rate fire, it's god-like. I personally have been working on the swat to see how it works with the switch attachment.

                  Wildcards are magic, don't just stick to what you know. Go without your secondary, why have a spot for your lethal when you hardly use it. One of BO2's best changes is the class setup so don't be shy to experiment.

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                    What the hell is wrong with this game! You get killed literllay from ANY direction ANYWHERE you will get killed from the back, side TOP it doesn't matter the maps are tiny, enemies are EVERYWHERE you cannot hold a spot down in this game. This is just mindless running around. I just had enough, put in the original Black Ops and BEASTED god I wish more people would go back to that game.

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                      yes good points   i find runing in 2 is best for me i will run forward while my friend watchs my back then moves up viceversa this game really does take tatics you just cant run and gun like a chicken runing around with its head off

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                        good post. There are way too many complainers on the 360 board, take a look at the ps3 forum where they are plagued by system hard freezes and crashes, they should complain.


                        i agree people are still stuck in their mw3 mindset.  staying mobile, using cover and map knowledge are really crucial. 

                        you cant unlock ghost until level 55 so you have a lot of players who were dependent on assassin in previous games getting dominated. 

                        With respect to spawns, people will spawn where your teammates arent so always be aware of your team and watch your back.

                        I am really loving this game it is harder than previous ones and you really feel like you have to work to do well.

                        i play mostly team deathmatch k/d in mw3 was 2.1 here in bops its just around 1.9.

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                          yea i am one of the few that switch back to xbox from ps3.. laggy as hell.. anyhow. Agree, there is no more camping.. THANK THE FK GOD!! Granted there is a few window shoppers around trying to be all that, when a C4 in the window does the trick. Love the KC action going on and BEST OF ALL NO MORE TAG CAMPING TI'S. So boosting is getting hard to find, but i did find a few and reported them as normal. Check today, and i see that they got the hammer.. that was fast. 12 hours after a report. Checking the seven forums for new glitches or other things to watch out for, and i notice that most if not all there findings got patched (hotfixed).. so thats a good thing. Just hope they keep up and ahead of all those losers and make the game fun again.