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    New scorestreak system = more objective play


      I love what the new scorestreak system has done to objective games. I see so many more players playing the objective now. I roll with a team of 6 all the time and games used to be boring because the team hardly ever played the objective.


      You get rewarded bigtime for playing the objective now. I can string together my scorestreaks easily playing the objective. Its a risk and reward system. You still have the camping cowards that are afraid of the objective. Maybe one day they will get a clue that if they want their scorestreak faster they need to play the objective.

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          yep and got to love it!! No more window shoping or shootinga and walking away. They dont get the kill point if they dont grab the tag. If somebody else does it, they get full 100 and you get 25 at best.. So yea no more shooting and running away. KD is affected as well.. so it doesnt count if you dont collect.. LOVE IT!!